Monday, July 31, 2006

Late Update - Last Friday's Episode

Sorry kids, I was pre-occupied this weekend helping George Snuffleupagus drown his sorrows over the failure of 'The One'.


Glacia Writhers In Pain On The Floor...
.. as Scruffy the Scotsman descends Gail's stairs looking like he hasn't had a bath in weeks.

They blow kisses to each other and he does some truly creepy pantomime about calling her later.

Our Gail's in love.


She worries about what the kids will think, but Audrey puts her mind at ease over Gail's own upbringing with Audrey's wild ways. Gail brings up 'Uncle Trevor' which kind of makes Audrey choke on her tea.

Telephone, Telegraph, Tell-a-Janice
"Danny" and "Adam" continue to snark at each other and "Danny" takes exception to "Adam's" use of air quotations when "Adam" has an idea to drum up "business". Danny says that they've got an ad in "Gussets Stitches Weekly" and that should be "enough".

Adam, stomps out of the meeting and immediately tells Janice about the 'Who's Your Daddy' gossip between Danny and Mike and follows with, 'but please don't' tell anyone, I really shouldn't have said anything, but I know I can trust you.'

So after Janice tells the entire factory and taunts Danny with the knowledge...Danny takes a running swing at Adam and but is blocked by Sean who dashes to Adam's defense like Spiderman on speed. (Seems our Sean can hold his own in a brawl.)

Oh God, I've Had Dates Like This
Jo and Jamie go on their big date at the pizza place. Poor Jo dressed inappropriately by wearing a very sexy but warm leather jacket as a shirt. She spends the entire date fanning herself to keep cool while Jamie makes snarky comments. (Hands up ladies, who's done this trick? It looked fab, but it's so uncomfortable that you look like an idiot? Items include, new shoes, waistband a little to too tight, dress strap that keeps falling over...)

She tries to make conversation, but the Baldwin charm overcomes him and when she compliments his new hair he says something like, 'Yeah, my life is shit but thank god I've got good hair.' (Glacia says to the t.v. 'Steady on, my friend, she's trying to be nice.')

In the end he apologizes and tells her that he does fancy her, but it's probably too soon for him to date. He ends up kissing her (which Leanne sees) then goes home to cry.

I want more Twin storylines. I'm starting to really like these girls. I'd especially like to see one really good date for Jo? Seriously, she's breaking my heart.

Vicky Pollard 101
Amber and Dev are working in the store together when she complains that the chair she's sitting on stinks and against Dev's wishes takes it out of the store. She then comes back and says, 'Oh My God, it's not the chair, it's you who stinks.'

Child does get that he pays her mom's wages, right?

More Platty Goodness
Sarah is starting to freak me out. She continues to pursue Jason with that psycho craze look in her face.

Glacia shudders.

It's Too Late Baby.
Lister's other girlfriend Tina shows up at Streetcars already to move in with him as she has left her husband.

Lister tells her that he's not interested in her and at that moment a lightbulb goes off in his head and he rushes to the Rovers to tell Kelly that she's the one he wants.

Kelly tells him to smeg off.

In Other News
Did anyone else see the Samid dies episode on Classic Corrie? Best Deidre performance - ever.

I got a delivery from Ebay - a Corrie give away for the next Toronto Pub night.

Found some Corrie books this weekend, I'll try to do some Corrie trivia later.


John said...

I'm confused about Lister. The Other Woman made reference to having given him her husband's money to help him buy Streetcars and he gave the same speech to Kelly. At the time, I thought it was BS because he mentioned having a large-ish sum of money from an ex-wife's lotto win years ago. He allowed it to mature and ended up using that to buy his portion of Streetcars.

Now are they saying the money came from this relationship after all? I'm confused.

Joanne should have her original composition 'When I See My Baby Cry' to help cheer Jamie up.

So was that stinky stool the only item to have survived Maya's explosion? I thought Dev had the stop completely refurbished but the stool looks like it came from the days when Alf Roberts owned the place?

Ever notice how the Platts can't shut up about dead Richard Hillman but Maya never gets a mention, and she's still alive? What's up with that?

Pamer said...

Thank god for the Closed Captioning for the Amber dialogue LOL

I agree with Glacia...poor Jo

I agree with Kelly...Lister does look he needs a bath, and like I've said before,... a good haircut

I agree with John, that Lister story about the money is alittle confusing...especially when he told Tee he was all paid up

missusmac said...

Lister story is confusing, but I didn't really believe that lotto story when he first rolled it out. I mean, who really wins the lotto? And then gives it to their ex?

I'm serious, folks, I think that non-stop talking teen is spawn of Dev. (And no, I haven't read ahead. I'm just guessing.)

Also confusing is why someone's mother would have to travel from Canada for just an attack of appendicitis? Especially if their granddaughter is already taken care of?

Is appendicitis more dangerous than I knew?

Finally, raise your hands -- who thinks Phil is sexy?

Yeah, I thought so. Nobody. Thank God he never got a chance to sully the goddess that is Eileen. Gail deserves him.