Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Snacking

Last night during Corrie I tucked into some new Lay's Curry Flavoured Chips. These were amazing. I had trouble not eating the whole bag. Highly recommended with lager...

Oddly, at the Frito-Lay Canada site the flavour isn't noted. However, some enthusiasts over at Wikipedia have already cottoned on.

The few times I've been to England I've always enjoyed their many wacky flavours of crisps, particular those from Walkers. You can even suggest a flavour. I suggested hot pot.

To be fair, my favourite chips of all time are Utz's. These are available in the U.S. along the eastern seaboard. Back in the fat days we used to order these by the case. Favourite flavour: BBQ Grandma Utz's cooked in lard.


John said...

I lived on a steady diet of Walker's Curry Crisps the first time I went to the UK. It was part of their special "British Take Away" line. I was disappointed to see they were no longer for sale.

Glad to see someone is finally offering them here.

Jacqueline said...

I bought a pack of Walkers Lamb and Mint crisps from the Nutty Chocolatier on Queen.

It was good, a bit understated though.