Sunday, July 23, 2006

Does Danny Baldwin Actually Exist?

Here's where I enlist the expertise of this site's more knowledgeable Corrie viewers. I read on some messageboard that Mike Baldwin was always established as an only child. Suddenly, two years ago his nephew Danny turns up and not only that, Mike had an affair with Danny's mother: the wife of the brother he didn't have.

So, are they right? Did the writers just ignore all those times whe Mike said 'I don't have any brothers and sisters' just to invent an extended family for him? Normally the show is pretty good about noting its history but obviously writers come and go so they can't be expected to know every little detail but this one seems kind of obvious.

What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Yes, he was always portrayed as an only child until 2004 when the Corrie writers changed history and created a brother, Harry.

Jacqueline said...

I think the writers were counting on the fact that Corrie fans wouldn't notice. Like we weren't going to be all Trekker about it.

Personally, I think what happened is 'Chuck' from Happy Days moved to London and presto-chango became 'Harry'.

missusmac said...

On an unrelated note, I'm watching the complete series of Absolutely Fabulous -- only on the second of four discs -- and am absolutely amazed there is son named Serge?!!! I thought Saffy was an only child.

Haven't seen him yet, don't know if I will -- I've only ever had a chance to see random shows, and the ones I saw never mentioned a son.

Was there any "I never spoke of Harry because we had a vicious fight 40 years ago" reference from Mike at any time recently?

John said...

Serge on AbFab was a continuing thing where there would be reference to him writing from some far flung place but we'd never see him. Eddie once told Saffy she prefered him to her own daughter.

The "I never spoke of Harry" theory is what we in the Star Trek/Comic Book/Nerd world would call "Retroactive Continuity" - an attempt to explain away a continuity glitch by rewriting history:

"I know I said I was an only child on several occassions but that's because I never spoke to my brother
and therefor I made myself believe I had no siblings. But really, I had a brother all along, despite what I said for the past thirty years."

Lisa said...

Or he could pull a "Who Shot JR" moment and maybe he's just been in the shower since birth.