Sunday, July 02, 2006

Classic Ena Sharples

YouTube has been offering up some classic Corrie clips. This bit of Ena Sharples comes from the second episode ever broadcast. According to the write-up, the episode was broadcast live. She should really know better than to buy lighters after 7:00 pm.

Another clip, in which Ena, Minnie, and Martha down pints in the Rovers. Ena is not a fan of the Poles, apparently.


Jacqueline said...

B E A U T Y!!!!!

Great stuff, John!

John said...

I wish I could some of these older episodes in their entirity. Ena seems like quite a character.

Jacqueline said...

i remember her last days on the show I guess around the time Gayle and Brian were an item, but I'd have to check.

Course, this is the first time I've seen her without the hairnet.

Now, we need to see some of the first episode with Ken as a 18 year old.

John said...

I wish I'd been watching the show longer. I really missed some great characters there.