Thursday, July 06, 2006

Breaking News: Bruce Jones in th'Hospickle!

Bruce Jones, our Les Battersby, was rushed to hospital after complaining of chest pains while filming scenes for Coronation Street. While he was released after two hours, it put a scare into some folks.

According to this article:

Coronation Street star Bruce Jones was rushed to hospital yesterday after collapsing on set with chest pains, causing fresh concerns about his health.

Friends fear the star, who plays Les Battersby in the soap, has returned to his old drinking habit.

The actor was filming on the Street's cobblestones when he fell ill.

Co-stars and producers rushed to his aid and an ambulance arrived within minutes to race him to hospital.

A Coronation Street source told the Daily Mirror: "It looked pretty bad. Bruce was outside Les's house when he suddenly started to complain about feeling unwell.

"The next thing was him clutching his chest and stumbling to the ground. People were obviously upset and horrified and thinking the worst had happened."

"He looked dazed but seemed okay. The paramedics were hear (sic) in no time thankfully."


A spokeswoman for the soap said the problem was thought have been "something muscular in his chest. Nothing to do with a heart attack."

The article also mentions Bruce may have returned to a drinking habit, which has raised concerns over his health.

Get well soon, Bruce. And stay off the booze!


Pamer said...

I thnk we should all sing that "Les Battersby" song in tribute

Anonymous said...

I am sure his drinking is not helping his heart...Yes...lay off the booze...We love the character and want him around a long time!

Anonymous said...

When I visted Manchester a few weeks ago, we went to the Old Grapes pub which is "Vera's" pub and saw "Les" putting back the Guinness. We were there at 3 in the afternoon and he was already drinking and probably put back three or four just in the hour or so that we stayed.