Wednesday, July 19, 2006

43rd Annual Corrie Canuck Pub Night Report

An amazing turn out for last night's Toronto Corrie Canuck Pub Night! Thanks to Go-Betty, Gillian, Ang, Lisa from Scarberia, Rebecca, Claire, Matt, Work from Home and Hubby. (I'm putting up first names - but if anyone doesn't want their names up drop me an email).

I'm kind of a goofus because I forgot take pics so you'll have to use your imagination regarding the frivolity that ensued.

I forced everyone to play a version of Headbandz where we all had the name of a Corrie character on our back and had to find out who we 'were' by asking other people a series of yes/no questions.

Then I gave away the 1997 Corrie Annual the first person who said the secret word to me. There were brilliant guesses such as 'summit', 'hotpot', 'Rovers' - but in the end Lisa guessed the secret word 'Bet Lynch'.

Kudos to the staff of the Auld Spot who once again gave us sweet treatment and were good enough to put on Corrie for us. (Thanks also the patrons at the bar who didn't bitch.)

Kudos, kudos to Claire who brought CHOCOLATE to the event. Please ensure that you can come to every event from now now, dear.

A good night of eating, drinking and chatting was had by all and I'm going to try to organize this as a monthly event. I've also got some ideas brewing for corrie dvd night, corrie monopoly night, etc. So stay tuned.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out, especially the newbies!

Note to Radmila...hey?


kristin said...

i'm so sorry i missed it. monthly would be great!

Radmila said...

You're going to think I'm a total retard, but I got caught up in my own upcoming dramas and totally forgot until I was on my way home.
I'm a loser.

Anonymous said...

Have one in Windsor somebody...please!

Oh yes here is the site for the wedding band...;)

Jacqueline said...


Catholic much? That's some fabulous self absue there.

I was just joshing you anyway. Still got your Underworlds pressie.

Jacqueline said...

Okay - how far is windsor from toronto?

Pamer said...

Party Games??? Dammit i'm so jealous

GoBetty said...

It was so much fun, thanks. My only complaint is we need more MJ in our lives.

Lisa said...

Thanks Jacqueline for a great night. You're awesome girl! It was great meeting all of the new peeps too. Shall we do this more often? Should we alert George Snuffleupagus? Will the words 'Bay City Rollers', 'Dinah Shore' & 'Chip Butty' ever be used in one sentence again? Stay tuned.

Jacqueline said...

George Snuffleupalus!

Ang said...

Great time!!! thanks again for organizing it jacqueline! I'm totally in for themed nights, or whatever you want to do.

lol I see George in the elevator sometimes. Shall I bring up our little Corrie gatherings? I can picture it now!

BTW... The One is sort of horrible isn't it..

MJ said...

I raised my glass in your general direction.

I think ya'll should take it on the road. The travelling Corrie Canuck Roadshow.

Go town to town in a caravan (a la Jack and Vera Duckworth) spreading the Corrie Canuck love to those who can't get to the Toronto pub nites.