Monday, June 12, 2006

Wedding Bells??

Dear TV Guide,

Could you send me a copy of the big suspenseful 'Will Charlie and Shelly Live Happily Ever After' issue?

Be sure to post it for a week ago, when I gave a damn.

Cheers, Glacia

Is it just me or is this cover story a week late?


John said...

I saw that in the supermarket on Saturday. All I could think was, 'Am I in Britain? Since when in this country do supermarket checkout magazines do Corrie?'

mare said...

they have done before, john. my best friend gets tv guide and i'm certain they've done corrie covers before at least once.

John said...

Really? Shows how long it's been since I've read TV Guide.

Jacqueline said...

I just get it for its crosswords

missusmac said...

They did one with the Richard Hillman story line, I think. I seem to remember there was a trip to England contest involved?

As per usual though, the writer wasn't aware we were (then) six months' behind, so a few storylines were leaked.

T.O. said...

lmao :)

Wasn't there one for Sunita and Dev's wedding also? At least an article, if I recall.