Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update: Special 2-in-1 Pack

I'll be stepping in for the absent Jacqueline, who's practicing her highland fling for the big Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill.

Much like the underwear I get at Zeller's, this update comes in a pair.


Also, Leanne, you should break up with Jamie because he's a blind idiot.

Frankie thinks Leanne has broken it off with Jamie. Janice thinks Frankie won't tell her son what's been going because it would break his heart. Also, he probably wouldn't understand. Seriously, if he hadn't clued in the time Leanne smelled like Danny's Beckham Eau de Cologne, or that his clothes were strewn across her bedroom, or the time called out Danny's name in bed, he's just not going to get it.

Frankie calls in sick to work and is found in tears by Sunita. She takes Frankie to the pub where they are joined by Liz, Eileen, and Deirdre and all proceed to get shitfaced. Frankie asks Sunita if she slept with Danny and Sunita admitted she had, not knowing he was married. She also thought she was pregnant with his child but, thank goodness, it was only that brain tumour she had.

Plattman and Robyn

Martin gets a knock on the door and answers it, sans pantaloons. He's all class, that Martin. It's Robyn, trying to look sultry and apparently forgiving him for his sexist remark yesterday. She asks him out on date, claiming that she has more front than Jordan. For those who don't get that reference, this is Jordan:

Sarah laters tells Martin to get her proper flowers, not Dev's "minging" ones. David feels all neglected and shit. I mean, really, at least Martin's last girlfriend was closer to his own age.

Seriously, Dr. Phil, throw her in the canal

Gail and Dr. Phil continue their agonising courtship. Phil carries Gail over his shoulders across the street. Just when we think he's about to say, "I'm here to finish what Richard started!" he instead offers to cook her dinner.

Gail later has a conversation with Sally in the Rovers about her affair with Ian. She says she'd do it all again, if she had the chance.

Can I See Your Sticky Buns, Please?

Liz is asked out by a man younger than Steve. Hey, if Mike Baldwin can marry Ken Barlow's daughter, why can't Liz get a little ack-shun on her end? She finds it odd at first, but agrees to a date.

What's a courgette?

Claire walks in on Moley and Steve in the cab office. She offers some of the flapjacks she made for Lloyd and asks if Moley cooks. She says she makes a Dairylea soup and courgette. Sometimes this show is just too British.

Claire and Steve later have a conversation about workplace relationships. She reminds him that she and Ashley started out as employer-employee, until, overcome by lust, they shared a kiss in the kitchen, and the stairs, and that time in the spare bedroom. At this point, I don't think she's talking about kissing any more. She says Steve should be careful lest Lloyd want to try it on with her.


Jamie and Leanne walk into the pub. Frankie realises Leanne hasn't broken up with him at all. Will she tell the truth? Will she? WILL SHE??!?


And Now The Thrilling Conclusion!

Uh, no. She does not. But they do get into a small dust-up. Meanwhile, Jamie wants to tell Carol about their engagement.

They Really Do Deserve Each Other

Nathan fixes Charlie's van, who later buys him a beer in the pub. Tracy thinks it's odd that he would want to be seen with the bad guy on the street. Nathan says he admires a man who stands his ground. Tracy thinks she might see something of interest and sneers sweetly at Charlie. Oh yes, I really want this to happen.

Discretion? Not Her Strong Point

Claire gossips about Steve and Moley. Lloyd worries about what will happen when Moley's husband turns up. Steve thinks he can handle him.

Alcohol: The Cause of, and Solution to, Life's Problems

Liz, Sunita, Eileen, and Deirdre show up at Frankie's for more boozing. Liz takes off for her date with the boy toy who kind of looks like Hal Sparks.

Danny busts in and asks for 30 minutes alone with Frankie. He gives her Adulterer Remorse Speech #173: "We Are Special." Frankie doesn't buy it. Their marriage is over.

Plattman and Robyn, Part Deux

Robyn stays the night at Martin's. The image is too terrible to consider.

More Gail Drama

Gail and Sarah-Lou have a heart to heart about Hillman. I tried to pay attention but Gail's voice puts me so much on edge that I had to chew an old tin foil Hostess chips bag, just to offset it.


papasmurf said...

Excellent use of a Homer J. Simpson quote there John, you get a gold star.

MJ said...

I need help. Last week I fell asleep during a Plattman/Robyn episode. It happened again last night and I missed the rest of the episode. (Thankyou for the update.)

Plattman and Robyn have a soporific effect on me.

In all my years of Corrie viewing, I have never fallen asleep during an episode. Until now! Please tell me what to do. Plattman and Robyn are spoiling my Corrie viewing!

Kristin said...

fyi, a courgette is a zucchini, if anyone cares

indeed, the whole plattman and robyn relationship is dull and extremely forced by the writers. Perhaps if Dr. Phil could put us (and Gail Platt) out of our miseries you would be able to stay awake!

seriously, how much more can we hear poor Gail lament about the fact that she can't go to the canal anymore? I don't seem to remember her going there before her (un)fateful visit in the people carrier. Yes Gail, you do make bad choices. Yes Gail, the best thing you could do for your children would be to disappear forever and leave the kids to Plattman, sans Robyn.

Jacqueline said...

Did Frankie see something that caused her to break out into tears on the street? I was just putting on my kilt at that point and missed it.

Danny. Danny, Danny, Danny. If you really wanted to show Frankie that you love and respect her, you wouldn't toss out her friends and call them the 3 Stooges.

I'm sorry, I just think that in real life Robyn would not give Platman the time of day.

MJ said...

As an insomniac, I'm always looking for new ways to solve the "can't sleep" problem. The solution is right in front of my face. I'll edit all the Plattman/Robyn scenes so they're on a continuous loop and play them 'til I fall asleep. Eureka!

GoBetty said...

I honestly thought "more front than Jordan" was something biblical.