Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rita's "Affair" (spoilers for Sunday omnibus)

Anyone else call b.s. on Audrey's accusation of Alf's affair with Rita? It was based on a photo that clearly had a double exposure. Five people saw it: Audrey, Keith, Gail, Sarah, and David.

Now I can understand the Platts not seeing the double negative as it's been established that they're all morons. But Keith's not an idiot. Surely he would have seen it.

Anyway, it seemed like a pointless storyline that started with Keith putting on Alf's trademark hat. That could have been the start of something more interesting.

Sorry, had to complain there for a sec.


Anonymous said...

I agree took away from Shelley dumping Charlie...which was fantastic...

Jacqueline said...

Also agree....BS!

Working From Home Today said...

I'm guessing they were trying to imply something deeper - Audry being suspicious where she shouldn't have been vs. Shelley, who was not suspicious enough. A stand up guy like Alf vs. a loser like Charlie. But it fell kind of flat.

I did like the scene with Shelley and Fred in the car. I couldn't tell if that was the moment where she started to figure things out - trust Corrie to keep it subtle!

John said...

That's what I thought. In most respects, it was a good batch of 5 episodes. We had:

-Betty drunk on absynthe
-Another entry in the Parade of Losers known as Liz's men, post-Jim
-Eileen and the ever changing taxi handles
-Les calling a hasidic Jew, 'Father.'
-Chesney admitting he has a crush on Sophie, plus seeing her mother naked.
-Doris standing up to Angela, who proposed to him.
-Charlie, leaving another women's bed, and not bothering to shave for his own wedding.
-And finally, (finally!) Shelley dumping Charlie at the alter.

All this, and we're left with a pointless story that we knew exactly how it would end as soon as the photograph was pulled out.

Oh, and the Martin mascot fight. Why?

Pamer said...

i liked the imagery of the mangy dog outside of the Rovers eating through rubbish as Shel and Fred were just getting into the car. I thought, "hey isn't Charlie supposed to be at the church?"

missusmac said...

Betty is a goddess! What other 92-year-old can get loaded the night before, and still show up for a shift at work the next day?

Oh, and you can bet she made all the sandwiches for Charlie and Shelley's reception, too!

Betty rocks!