Monday, June 26, 2006

The Quick Update

I know, I've been lax.

Just wanted to let you know the BIG THING that happened this weekend before you tune into tonight's show.

Danny and Leanne arranged to meet up at their secret hotel spot while Jamie was on an errand to Holland that Danny sent him to.

Danny heads off to the hotel, but Jamie gets into a fender bender on his way out and has to have the truck towed back to the garage. Both Frankie and Leanne are in a panic, but are relieved when they find out that Jamie is okay. Frankie encourages Leanne to go be with Jamie and covers her shift at Roy's.

Leanne spends time with Jamie but before she leaves, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She accepts and is so happy that she insists that she go with him to Holland. She gets Roy to give her the time off and leaves a message on Danny's mobile, 'So sorry can't be with you tonight.'

In her rush, however, Leanne ends up leaving HER mobile at the Baldwin's house and when it rings that evening, Frankie picks it up.


Not does the phone show caller ID as 'Danny', but up pops a picture of Danny - naked from the waist down.

It gets worse.

When Frankie says, 'Hello', Danny doesn't recognize her voice and starts along the lines of, 'Hello Babe, I've got the hotel room, the champagne, the caviar, the strawberry flavoured oil, french tickler and a hard bound copy of 'The Joy of Screwing Over Your Wife and Son'.'

Frankie replies, 'It's me, Danny.'


Danny rushes home to do damage control and makes some truly, embarrasingly lame excuse about how that was a little joke that Leanne and him. ahahahahahahaa...aaaha...ahha..aaaaaaaaa..........ohforgetit.

Frankie tells Danny that they are through and all Danny can do is beg Frankie not to tell Jamie.

When Jamie and Leanne get back, Danny stops him before he can get to Frankie and says that Frankie found out that he's been having an affair. Jamie is pissed and Mr. Glacia says, 'If you think he's mad now, wait till he finds out that Dad's been plowing the same field.'

Frankie doesn't tell Jamie, but she does tell Leanne that if she doesn't break up with Jamie, she will tell him. And that's where we end.

In other news:

Jason is working for Charlie again and has asked Violet to go out with him to talk.

Liz is moving out of the flat.

Bride-cilla asked Shel for her wedding dress because, 'she won't be needing it.'. Everyone is shocked but amazingly, Shel gives her the dress.

Phil is playing Gale and Eileen off each other.

The husband of the new cab driver comes in and it turns out that he is the owner of the competing cab company and he wanted to see if Steve hired her. Now Lister wants Steve to fire her. I can't remember if they did or not....anyone?


papasmurf said...

Steve decides not to fire Ronnie the new driver - after she passes the snog test.
I think you meant Jamie prposed to Leanne, not Danny...

Jacqueline said...


thanks, I'll correct that

John said...

I know employer-employee relationships are not uncommon but isn't the first day on the job a little early for Steve to start putting his MACKdonald on Ronnie?

Working From Home Today said...

'Bride-cilla'! Ha! Perfect!

Ang said...

LOVED the show on Sunday.. best Corrie in a long time I think.

Frankie_fan said...

You wrote: "When Frankie says, 'Hello', Danny doesn't recognize her voice..."

Of course he doesn't. That's because she doesn't say 'Hello'. She says 'Hiya', deliberately disguising her voice to sound like Leanne's.