Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh but they'd have to pay me LOTS of money

Remember a while back when our MJ blogged that Orlando Bloom was reportedly begging the producers for a part on Corrie?

How the spin has changed. The story today is that he has "accepted a role" on the street. The link is in French but the gist of it is that he only accepted the role because they him offered a dump truck full of money and that he's not even a fan of the show.

I. call. horseshit. It's not like the producers of the show are actively trying to get everyone who was in Lord of the Rings to go on. And McKellan approached them and worked for peanuts.

Someone's PR guy is trying to make it like the longtime fan of the show is being courted by producers when in reality, it's the opposite. Besides, why pay Orlando all that money when I'd go on the show for a hot pot and a chesterfield to crash on?

The Ian McKellan role was really well done and I never thought, 'Oh look, Magneto's in the Rovers''

What do you think? Do you like celebrity cameos or do you think they would turn the show into the Parade of Guest Stars?


papasmurf said...

One of the guys I play footie with is from England and knew the actor who plays Danny Baldwin as a comedian of some fame in the UK before his Coronation Street days, and has difficulty accepting him as a serious actor on the show.

Shna said...

I like the idea of guest stars as long as they are well done. Ian was brilliant. I however do not like the idea that Olando is saying he is only doing the show for a boat load of money, and that he doesn't really like it. I mean what's the point.

MJ said...

If their heart's in it, they should have a role. Bonus points if they're also Corrie fans.

Kristin said...

i don't like the celebrity appearances on the show. I couldn't wait for sir ian's stint to be over. part of the charm of the show is that they use regular people's lives and stories

kowy said...

I'm not too hot on the guest stars.
BUT....if Bloom was to appear, in character as Legolas, I'd watch. OOhhhh........his whole story line could revlove about who's prettier? Sean or Elf-boy.

(I really should lay off the crack!)

Gayle said...

Thank you so much for your terrific updates, I faithfully set my VCR and got the opening credits and then nothing....Wouldn't you know I'd miss an excellent episode.

Thanks again

Jacqueline said...

As long as they're not comeing on AS themselves. Status Quo was funny because of the Les connection and you could see this band being in a small town. But the MINUTE Sir Elton pops in for a pint, I'm handing in my Corrie badge.

Having said that seanbean, seanbean, seanbean, seanbean, seanbean

GoBetty said...

Papasmurf... tell your friend of a friend that I am ready to accept the actor who plays Danny Baldwin (Bradley Walsh) for ANYTHING HE WANTS TO BE. Seriously, trying to be unbiased - he is fantastic as Danny.

I love the guest stars. Hands down. I guess I dunno who they really are in the world of UK stardom. Duh, I know Sir. Ian and Orlando Bloom... but whatever they (the producers) want to do is fine by me. Just call me, A Pleased Fan.