Sunday, June 04, 2006

News of Weatherfield

Update for June 4, 2006

She's a child, not a chemical weapon

The ongoing saga of who gets to visit with Amy continues with yet another visit to the courtroom. Steve and Tracy both get good advice from their kith and kin to 'get stuck in first' and show how evil and reprehensible each other are. I doubt if either of them needed any prompting in this regard, as they both showed their true colours during the proceedings. The judge ruled in favour of Steve's petition for parental rights, after expressing his disgust at the behaviour of the two 'adults' invovled in the case. The judge (who I think should be written into the show somehow) described Steve's actions as 'beneath contempt', Tracy's schemes 'beggared belief' and feared for the future of Amy if her mother continued her 'dissolute private life.' A bit of resolution for this plot line it seems - until Steve suggests to Liz that sometime soon the three of them should all go for a family holiday to Spain. (no one could possibly be that dense) I wonder if Tracy has the number for Interpol programmed into her mobile?

Things are going to the dogs

The tension continues at the kennel between Fiz and Molly Compton, dating back to their school days when Fiz used to steal Molly's meal money. (sorry, unintentional alliteration) Good old Kirkeh returns from Cyprus or Crete (one of those warm islands) without any hint of a tan and proceeds to get thrown out of the kennel by Molly the black bra, er black belt. Fiz is overjoyed that Kirk is back so he can get rid of Molly and they can go back to some passionate mucking like the good old days. Kirk has taken a shine to Molly though and gives her a trial period at the kennel. Much backbiting, whining, lying, manipulation and the like ensue between the two vixens as they struggle for control over Kirk and his kennel empire. No resolution to this dogfight (or should that be catfight?) in spite of Kirk's efforts to broker a peace deal between Molly and Fiz.

A Streetcar named Desire

Lloyd comes up with a plan to improve morale among the staff by allowing everyone to choose a new call name. Lloyd opts for Lone Wolf, Claire chooses Pink Lady, and Les goes with Alpha Male, instead of his first choice, Mister Wonderful. Steve (Mister Happy) of course thinks this a terrible idea but is outvoted by the others when they out for a night of drinks to discuss the issue.

So I married an axe murderer

Phil tries to patch things up with Gail, expressing his interest in her and in her story and how it might benefit others who have had similar experiences. Gail realizes that this might be good idea and how it could be cathartic for her children, so she has a sit-down discussion with David and Sarah, only to discover that David blames Gail entirely for what happened to them.

Pork - the other white meat

Keith rescues a piglet from somewhere, and brings it home to raise in their garden, much to the consternation of the neighbours. Keith sees it as a way to save a few quid when they get pig butchered, Craig ses it as a way to express rebellion against the staid way society does things, Gail, Ashley and the others see it as a health hazard and a nuisance. This all fits in nicely with the ongoing debate between Audrey and Keith about his miserly ways. Audrey is a bit put off by the way they have been going to movies in the afternoon and rushing through dinner to get the early bird price and shopping in a charity shop for a suit for Keith. She claims if he won a million pounds he would still drive far out of his way to save money on a tank of gas, to which he replies if he won a million he would wine and dine her in the finest style, and lavish her with diamonds and the like, but as a pensioner on a fixed income with an unexpected responisibilty in caring for Craig he has to be very careful with his money. Quite touching really. It seems Audrey at last begins to understand why Keith behaves the way he does.

Your dad's a chicken - really

Martin is exposed for the man he really is at a festival in the park when some kids run off with his head - as the chicken mascot for the Weatherfield County football team. (see earlier post re getting 'martinized') Of course all who know him are embarassed or amused. Nathan runs off after the kids to rescue Martin's head - too bad he can't rescue his pride and self-respect...

Three Times a Lady

Liz meets a new bloke - Barry the plumber - at the pub and they proceed to fall in lust, much to the chagrin of Bev. It seems the music of The Commodores gets both of them in the mood and they make plans to go back to Liz's place to listen to Lionel and have some lovin'.

The Wedding Planner

Charlie and Shel continue to forge ahead with their wedding plans, and have a little party at the Rovers to celebrate. Shel calls her mom to invite her over to the pub for some exciting news. Bev hopes that Shel has gotten rid of Charlie, but it's the complete opposite. Somewhere along the way Bev tried to bribe Charlie so that he would leave Shel, so he thinks it would best if Bev were not involved in the wedding. (I seemed to have missed a bit here while making a fresh pot of coffee - sorry) At the end of the show someone was following/stalking Bev on the way home from work, leaving her in a right state.

Deja Vu all over again

Norris goes to another job interview, only to discover he is to be interviewed for the position by his former step son (three time removed) Neville, who seems to still have some issues about not getting the toy he wanted for his 32nd birthday. Needless to say trhings don't go the way Norris had hoped, even though he is offered the position of executive in charge of hot drink ditribution - aka the tea boy.

Bits and Bobs

Danny and Frankie return from seeing Warrenaldo in Spain. Later, Danny and Leanne meet in the kitchen and agree that they should never again have a tryst, but the look they give each other leads me to believe otherwise.
Nathan is at the Barlow's after comforting/servicing Tracy when he comes across Violet in the dining room getting her corset fitted by Blacnhe and Dierdre. Much drooling ensues and later he seems to be quite taken with her in the Rovers. Upcoming plot twist?
Cilla tries to get a wedding dress but the security guard wouldn't let her out of his sight. Les offers to go along with her to provide a 'contraction' while she purloins her gown.

Upcoming Dates

The Stanley Cup will soon be over so Coronation Street will again be seen in the evenings, starting June 19. That week there will be two episode on per night @ 7:00 and 7:30.


John said...

Molly in her black bra. Violet in the corset (yay!). That's as good as it gets for the guys 'round here.

Thanks for the update. Nice job!

Pamer said...

Yeah Molly's black bra was a nice surprise and Frankie looked very fit with her spanish tan.

Rosie slathering spf 30 on for Porky PIg was pretty funny as was Keith offering Ash some of the pork when slaughtered...LOL

Thank god, one weeks worth of Corrie and only a smattering of Sally...i'm just sick of her voice.

GoBetty said...

I thought Kirk was a little tanned. BTW, I'm really enjoying the Sunday Omnibus... This programming change hasn't been so bad for me, really.