Saturday, June 03, 2006

Morrissey Disapproves of Modern Corrie

There is a long list of things of which Morrissey does not approve: the seal hunt, work-shirking lesbians, lots of things, really.

And now, Morrissey has something new of which to disapprove: Corrie. In a recent interview, Moz complains that Coronation Street has become too "common:"

"In 1970s Coronation Street, if we must discuss it, the inhabitants were all aspiring to gentility.

"Now everybody is thrilled to be as common as muck and everybody strives to be seen as completely backward and aggressive and lunatic."

What do you all think? Is Moz off his rocker or do you, too, miss the Elsie Tanners? Is the current Corrie just an accurate depiction of modern day Britain?


Geoff said...

He's always been off his rocker but now he's completely out of touch with no sense of humour.

mare said...

i think moz should go on corrie, and haunt the rovers for a week, just standing in the corner glaring disapprovingly of all and sundry.

it IS true that trying to better your station seen as somewhat less than a virtue - look at sal's scrapes. whereas the battersby-brown clan from hell, glories in their common-ness. what do you all think?

John said...

Sometimes, I find Corrie to be a snapshot of a daily life in a supposedly post-class Britain.

I think Moz's biggest beef is that while, like him, the characters were all working class, they carried themselves with a certain kind of dignity and were well mannered.

You notice how Ken Barlow doesn't use a strong Northern accent, despite living on that street all his life. That's not by accident. Even Tracy Barlow lost hers when she went to London and came back a new woman (which probably has more to do with the actress switch, come to think of it...).

I think the way some characters revel in being common is a result Britain supposely being past the class system. Working or lower class types would felt looked down upon because they weren't posh. Today, they don't care and moreso, someone trying to rise above their station, like Sally, is seen as foolish.

There was a book recently (can't remember its title) that re-examined the class system, claiming it wasn't as oppressive as people think. It claimed there was as much dignity in being a farmer, as there was in being a landowner. The relationship was not always oppressor/oppressed, but more more symbiotic.

I believe there is still a class system today but it's not as rigid as it once was. Wealth and priviledge can come to those who are willing to make the neccessary sacrifices for it. Mike Baldwin, was not born to wealth, but acquired it, often at the cost of his personal life. This is something the upper classes, having been born wealthy, never dealt with. But 75 years ago, it would have been much more difficult for Baldwin to get out of his London neighbourhood.

I think Kevin Webster is the best example of a working class person who knows his role in the world. He runs a business, deals honestly with his employees and clients, has lots of friends, and loves his family, even if his wife sleeps with the odd rich guy for money.

GoBetty said...

What on earth? Morrisey is just a whiney aging wanker who hates everything. He makes me crazy and yet... I adore him.

Jacqueline said...

I feel the same way, betty.