Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Guess Who's Back? Back again. Blanche is back. Tell a friend.

On Corrie Classics, Blanche Hunt has just returned to Weatherfield for the hastily arranged wedding of Tracy to Robert Preston, on November 13, 1996 (they're still wearing poppies, it seems).

According to her Corrie.net profile, it's the first time she's been on the show since 1981, despite details of a stroke 1993 (it happened off-camera, maybe?). In any case, we see some hints of the acid tongue that is to develop in later years.


Jacqueline said...

I was waiting to see if she was any nicer back then.

She wasn't.

Looks like she came out of the womb 'Martinzed'.

Pamer said...

she's like my grams in a lot of ways...definitely no internal edit system. I can't wait unitl I'm older and when I say stuff about people they'll chalk it up to "he's old, leave him alone"

John said...

Interesting that, in the Corrie Classics, she mentioned her stroke has left her forgetful but today, she's sharp as a tack.

I think currently, this is the longest Blanche has been on the show since the 1970's. I wonder what she was like then.

She's still one of my favourite characters. I don't think the writers hate her, like they do Martin. Rather, they love her because she gets to say a lot of things the viewers are often thinking.