Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Double Decker Update with a Side of Lie

Violet Explains Big Words

re·cip·ro·cate (rĭ-sĭp'rə-kāt')

v., -cat·ed, -cat·ing, -cates.
To give or take mutually; interchange.
To show, feel, or give in response or return.
To move back and forth alternately.
To give and take something mutually.
To make a return for something given or done.
To be complementary or equivalent.

Violet runs into Charlie who does his big creepy guy routine, making fun of her and threatening to tell Jason about their kiss a few weeks back. Violet is shaken up by this and has a hard time deciding what to do.

After a lovely night at the gay bar with Sean, a drunk Violet and Jason stumble in through the door and Jason proclaims it one of the best nights of his life.

This is the signal for Violet to make sure it ISN’T the best night of his life and she decides to tell him that Charlie kissed her a few weeks ago. When Jason asks what she did , Violet replies that she ‘reciprocated’ and then starts to explain what ‘re-ci-pro-cate’ means.


Jesus, I think that was worse than the actual admission of infidelity. I’d dump you just for that.

Anyway, Jason dumps her and confronts Charlie the next day and quits his job. Charlie seems to have the smallest moment of concern and tells Jason that Violet is mad about him and he shouldn’t throw it away.

Violet moves out of Eileen’s and into the Rovers.

Lippy -suction
Janice is having a great time making life hell for Danny and spends a good portion of one work day drunk and blasting innocent bystanders with her snarling.

She plays Danny up demands overtime from him. (And stop calling me ’Lippy’!) When he refuses, she goes straight to Frankie with ‘information’. Danny reaches Frankie and is met with a flailing handbag and he is sure that Janice told her about the ‘affair’. It turns out, however, that Janice told Frankie about how Carol stayed at their home whilst they were in Spain.

Danny decides that enough is enough and breaks up with Leane and tells Janice that he won’t be blackmailed anymore. He explains that she risks losing her job and that she will have a hard enough time getting employment at her age and temperament. (Since when did those two factors have anything to do with getting jobs in Weatherfield ? Isn’t Vera the eternally employable..) Regardless, it’s enough to get Janice to keep her mouth close.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Danny and Leanne to start up their affair again.

A customer drops off his car at the garage and has to leave it there whilst the boys fix it up. A few hours later a teen swings by and says that his dad had to take his mom to the hospital so he needed pick up the car instead. The bill hasn’t been paid , but the boy leaves his very expensive metal chain as collateral for the repairs.

And Kev gladly accepts the bobbles from some stranger with no I.D.

How long have you been in the automotive repair trade Kev?

Sure enough the real owner comes back for his car and when he is told that his ‘son’ picked up the car, he begins to yell that he has no ‘son’ and that the garage owes him 4.2 million pounds for the stolen car. (Kevin doesn’t have that kind of money! He has one favored daughter in a posh school and the other one needs her daily supply of gruel.)

Luckily, Nathan Detroit remembers him from another garage that he worked at and knows that this is all an elaborate scam to get millions of pounds from small time garage owners. So he tells the guy to beat it, and when he won’t, Nathan is all Kapow! Kablooie! As he beats up the evil villain and sends him on his way.

“YEAH!’ screams Glacia, ‘Take that you crumb bum! No need to call the police on you now that Nathan has given you a thrashing. You just go on you way, because now that we’ve foiled your evil plot to scam money out us our responsibility ends. Yeah, go shake down some other hard working schmuck!’

In Other News:

Kelly doesn’t care that Lister is cheating on her, as long as he takes her out for fancy meals and tells her she’s better looking than Halle Berry.

Martin is being courted by the sexy girl mascot.

Liz won’t make bakery deliveries on a bicycle as requested by Diggory.

Emily has just discovered that she is with child.


missusmac said...

Any news on who is the dad of Emily's child?

And please don't say Craig or David!

Good summary. Especially loved the kablooie part. That word is not used often enough.

Pamer said...

speaking of the "don't call me Lippy" what was Danny's nickname for Karen?? We were pulling our hair out last night trying to remember...Ballsy...Bolshoi...Balzac???

John said...

Bolshie? No idea what it means.

I liked Diggory's new sign: "Liz's Hot Box."

And I'm pretty sure it was implied when Jason and Violet came home, they weren't drunk, but were high on E. Or X? Whatever the kids call ecstacy these days. The way Jason was talking wasn't drunk talk. He seemed too full of loooove.

Jacqueline said...

Isn't that a short name for bolshevik? Cause Karen was always trying to fight 'the man'.

Pamer said...

Bolshie!!! Yes!!!

bolshie, bolshy /bolshee/ and /bulshee/ [Bolshevik] n :
ornery, stroppy.

Karen was defo stroppy