Monday, June 05, 2006

Dear Diary....

Heather found the blogs of different Corrie characters. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Jim McDonald

Liz McDonald

Mike Baldwin

Deirdre Barlow

Jaimie Baldwin

Ken Barlow

Ken Barlow

Martin Platt

Vera Duckworth

Tracy Barlow

Gail Platt

Charlie Stubbs = Cilla, soon to be Battersby


Pamer said...

haha If you go to any one of them you can also find the blogs for Violet and Eileen as well as many others. Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful of the spoilers in the blogs - I just found out about a storyline I can't wait for!!!

missusmac said...

What are you doing to me! I have a job, a family, people who depend on me... but wait, there are more blogs to see....