Friday, June 30, 2006

Computer Broke update

So I have a few moments - cause the work computer is having some difficulties - which gives me a chance to update on last night's episode.

In Praise of Older Women
Steve walked into his kitchen to find the Boy Toy standing there and was more than a little shocked/confused. He immediately started in on the, 'What's this?' routine, when Liz makes introductions.

The boy-toy's name is Andy which truly gets Steve's goat. It's bad enough that she's dating someone younger than her sons, but to date someone with the same name as her son....oh mother, aren't you ashamed of yourself.

Later we find Liz in the Rovers giving Eileen and Co. the gossip on her little sleep over guest. Steve is standing behind them and having a hard time listening to all of this, especially when Liz explains that Andy Boy's sexual repetoire included a nice little slapp on her bottom. As the women folk let out a joyous cackle, we can see Steve trying to press that internal 'delete' button that lets us all forget that our parents have sex.

Now, as much as Liz drives me crazy, I have to say I love this side of her. So you're in your late 40's, early 50's and some 23 year old asks you out - what DO you do?

You go, you go girl and you have all the fun you can have. I especially loved her comment to the girls as she was leaving for her date, 'I'll be out all night unless I find out this was some kind of bet on his part, in which case, I'll be back to finish off the wine here.'

I love her sense of joie de vivre.

I liked when he asked her what she was doing later that night and her response was, 'I dare to think.'

For Difficult Mole Removal, call Jimmy Clayton.
Jimmy came around to the streetcars looking for Moley and Lloyd buckled and told him everything. Steve announces that she's 'special' to him and is unwilling to fire her.

However, she doesn't really think what they have is so special, and leaves the job and Steve.

For Difficult Slag Removal, Call Carol
Just as all the Baldwins are wringing their hands wondering what to do about Jamie, enter Carol - who will lead them all to glorious closure on this angst.

Carol shows up on the street to confront Leanne about sayign she's marrying Jamie and then calling off the wedding. Leanne tells her that Frankie 'won't let us get married', which pisses Carol right off and she marches over to confront Frankie.

Leanne goes into panicked survival mode and tells Danny that Carol is on the street and to keep a low profile, then she runs off to Jamie and suggest that they elope, NOW. (It's truly pathetic folks, trust me.)

Carol gives Frankie hell for interferring with Jamie and Leanne and says just because Danny's fooled around on her doesn't mean she has to make everyone else's life a misery. After a few minutes of lecturing from Carol, Frankie breaks down and tells Carol that it was Leanne that done slept with Danny.

Carol, wordlessly gets up from the couch and marches over to the factory to tell Jamie everything. Glacia toasts this moves and loves the fact that Carol takes action (even though Glacia's not sure if her motives are pure.).

Eventually everyone involved is standing at the warehouse as Frankie, Danny and Leanne plead with Carol to stay quiet. Jamie FINNALLY clues in to the fact that perhaps something has happened between his dad and Leanne and both him and Carol force danny to come clean.

With tears in his eyes, Danny tells Jamie that he did indeed sleep with Leanne.

Jamie of course, is annoyed by this and drives off for parts unknown. Frankie tells Danny, Leanne and Carol that if anything happens to him, they are all to blame.

Can I just say that I'm enjoyign the pace of this story line? So much better than other plotlines that went on for so long that when they came to a head, I jsut didn't care anyore. (e.g. Charlie/Shel)


John said...

I have to say I'm loving this storyline as well. Unlike the Charlie-Shelley debacle, this one actually moves along in a timely, but not too fast-paced, manner.

I also liked that this week, they planted the seed for a possible Tracy-Charlie pairing which is a FAR better use of both those characters.

Anonymous said...

So Corrie. Explain.

Are you all expats?

Have you mastered the twang?

Do they have subtitles?

Are you able to cope with the lingo?

Serenity Now! said...

Oh I totally agree. The Charlie/Shelley thing went on way too long, I'd head off to the kitchen whenever it came on.

I can't even tell which side I'm on in the Leanne/Jaime/Danny/Frankie thing.

Oh and for mental mac: I'm Canadian, I just happen to love Corrie, the accent is easy to follow as long as I can watch their lips for the difficult words, LOL.