Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Classic Corrie Update

Martin has cheated on then-wife Gail.

I've watched an entire week of her screaming, crying and pouting.

Where is Richard Hillman when you need him?

Favorite line from Reg Holdsworth regarding Deidre staying with then ex-hubby Ken.

'A chance meeting on the way to the bathroom. There's Ken standing with loofah in hand. It's more than human flesh can resist.'

Glacia quits work for the day to sit on the couch and envision Ken with Loofah.


lolagranola said...

I must have totally missed something. Why is Country Canada re-running the classic episodes we've already seen?

Anyone know? The website doesn't say anything.

Jacqueline said...

because the cbc hate canadians.

Pamer said...

Martin's new chick on the current ep's has big, beautiful boobs