Friday, June 30, 2006

Computer Broke update

So I have a few moments - cause the work computer is having some difficulties - which gives me a chance to update on last night's episode.

In Praise of Older Women
Steve walked into his kitchen to find the Boy Toy standing there and was more than a little shocked/confused. He immediately started in on the, 'What's this?' routine, when Liz makes introductions.

The boy-toy's name is Andy which truly gets Steve's goat. It's bad enough that she's dating someone younger than her sons, but to date someone with the same name as her son....oh mother, aren't you ashamed of yourself.

Later we find Liz in the Rovers giving Eileen and Co. the gossip on her little sleep over guest. Steve is standing behind them and having a hard time listening to all of this, especially when Liz explains that Andy Boy's sexual repetoire included a nice little slapp on her bottom. As the women folk let out a joyous cackle, we can see Steve trying to press that internal 'delete' button that lets us all forget that our parents have sex.

Now, as much as Liz drives me crazy, I have to say I love this side of her. So you're in your late 40's, early 50's and some 23 year old asks you out - what DO you do?

You go, you go girl and you have all the fun you can have. I especially loved her comment to the girls as she was leaving for her date, 'I'll be out all night unless I find out this was some kind of bet on his part, in which case, I'll be back to finish off the wine here.'

I love her sense of joie de vivre.

I liked when he asked her what she was doing later that night and her response was, 'I dare to think.'

For Difficult Mole Removal, call Jimmy Clayton.
Jimmy came around to the streetcars looking for Moley and Lloyd buckled and told him everything. Steve announces that she's 'special' to him and is unwilling to fire her.

However, she doesn't really think what they have is so special, and leaves the job and Steve.

For Difficult Slag Removal, Call Carol
Just as all the Baldwins are wringing their hands wondering what to do about Jamie, enter Carol - who will lead them all to glorious closure on this angst.

Carol shows up on the street to confront Leanne about sayign she's marrying Jamie and then calling off the wedding. Leanne tells her that Frankie 'won't let us get married', which pisses Carol right off and she marches over to confront Frankie.

Leanne goes into panicked survival mode and tells Danny that Carol is on the street and to keep a low profile, then she runs off to Jamie and suggest that they elope, NOW. (It's truly pathetic folks, trust me.)

Carol gives Frankie hell for interferring with Jamie and Leanne and says just because Danny's fooled around on her doesn't mean she has to make everyone else's life a misery. After a few minutes of lecturing from Carol, Frankie breaks down and tells Carol that it was Leanne that done slept with Danny.

Carol, wordlessly gets up from the couch and marches over to the factory to tell Jamie everything. Glacia toasts this moves and loves the fact that Carol takes action (even though Glacia's not sure if her motives are pure.).

Eventually everyone involved is standing at the warehouse as Frankie, Danny and Leanne plead with Carol to stay quiet. Jamie FINNALLY clues in to the fact that perhaps something has happened between his dad and Leanne and both him and Carol force danny to come clean.

With tears in his eyes, Danny tells Jamie that he did indeed sleep with Leanne.

Jamie of course, is annoyed by this and drives off for parts unknown. Frankie tells Danny, Leanne and Carol that if anything happens to him, they are all to blame.

Can I just say that I'm enjoyign the pace of this story line? So much better than other plotlines that went on for so long that when they came to a head, I jsut didn't care anyore. (e.g. Charlie/Shel)

Soap Fans Gather To Celebrate Favourite Show

Reprinted without permission, The Mississauga News, week of June 23 - 29, 2006.

All roads, it seems, lead to Coronation Street.

On the third Saturday of each month, enthusiastic Coronation Street fans gather at Crabby Joe's Tap and Grill, on Burnamthorpe Rd. in Mississauga, to discuss the popular British television soap opera, which airs in Canada on CBC. They come from all over the GTA, including Oshawa, Cambridge and London.

When they gather, the Barmcakes (named after the baked good sold in the cafe in the show) organize quizzes and discuss plot, characters and story line. Most members collect paraphernalia, mementoes and autographs. And, they regularly travel to the set in England to meet stars of the show.

Avid fan Shelley Gluskin said the show appeals to so many because it is realistic.

"The characters are not like those in the American soap operas where everyone is wearing elegant gowns and dripping in jewellery," said Gluskin. "How many people wear heavy jewellery and make-up during the day?"

Barmcakes president Deborah Cyr said she and her husband once waited outside the set of Coronation Street for seven-and-a-half hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars. Cyr said viewers not used to the show often find the different accents confusing and difficult to understand.

"The characters are all regular people and we feel we know them," said Cyr. "The story is all about the working middle class."

Joan McClement, who lives near the City Centre, founded the Barmcakes 14 years ago. Initially, the group met at her apartment, but as numbers grew it moved to different venues.

McClement has been a faithful follower of the show from the beginning and has visited Coronation Street sets more than 15 times. She dreads missing a single episode.

McClement said Canadian viewers watch shows that are nine months behind episodes aired in England. Some impatient members glean information about future episodes via the internet.

"CBC realized how popular it is, so they moved it to prime time... I think they realized that it has a real place in our hearts," said McClement.

The show, which first aired on Dec. 9, 1960, continues to weave a tale of intrigue and magic as the world's longest-running television drama.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update: Special 2-in-1 Pack

I'll be stepping in for the absent Jacqueline, who's practicing her highland fling for the big Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill.

Much like the underwear I get at Zeller's, this update comes in a pair.


Also, Leanne, you should break up with Jamie because he's a blind idiot.

Frankie thinks Leanne has broken it off with Jamie. Janice thinks Frankie won't tell her son what's been going because it would break his heart. Also, he probably wouldn't understand. Seriously, if he hadn't clued in the time Leanne smelled like Danny's Beckham Eau de Cologne, or that his clothes were strewn across her bedroom, or the time called out Danny's name in bed, he's just not going to get it.

Frankie calls in sick to work and is found in tears by Sunita. She takes Frankie to the pub where they are joined by Liz, Eileen, and Deirdre and all proceed to get shitfaced. Frankie asks Sunita if she slept with Danny and Sunita admitted she had, not knowing he was married. She also thought she was pregnant with his child but, thank goodness, it was only that brain tumour she had.

Plattman and Robyn

Martin gets a knock on the door and answers it, sans pantaloons. He's all class, that Martin. It's Robyn, trying to look sultry and apparently forgiving him for his sexist remark yesterday. She asks him out on date, claiming that she has more front than Jordan. For those who don't get that reference, this is Jordan:

Sarah laters tells Martin to get her proper flowers, not Dev's "minging" ones. David feels all neglected and shit. I mean, really, at least Martin's last girlfriend was closer to his own age.

Seriously, Dr. Phil, throw her in the canal

Gail and Dr. Phil continue their agonising courtship. Phil carries Gail over his shoulders across the street. Just when we think he's about to say, "I'm here to finish what Richard started!" he instead offers to cook her dinner.

Gail later has a conversation with Sally in the Rovers about her affair with Ian. She says she'd do it all again, if she had the chance.

Can I See Your Sticky Buns, Please?

Liz is asked out by a man younger than Steve. Hey, if Mike Baldwin can marry Ken Barlow's daughter, why can't Liz get a little ack-shun on her end? She finds it odd at first, but agrees to a date.

What's a courgette?

Claire walks in on Moley and Steve in the cab office. She offers some of the flapjacks she made for Lloyd and asks if Moley cooks. She says she makes a Dairylea soup and courgette. Sometimes this show is just too British.

Claire and Steve later have a conversation about workplace relationships. She reminds him that she and Ashley started out as employer-employee, until, overcome by lust, they shared a kiss in the kitchen, and the stairs, and that time in the spare bedroom. At this point, I don't think she's talking about kissing any more. She says Steve should be careful lest Lloyd want to try it on with her.


Jamie and Leanne walk into the pub. Frankie realises Leanne hasn't broken up with him at all. Will she tell the truth? Will she? WILL SHE??!?


And Now The Thrilling Conclusion!

Uh, no. She does not. But they do get into a small dust-up. Meanwhile, Jamie wants to tell Carol about their engagement.

They Really Do Deserve Each Other

Nathan fixes Charlie's van, who later buys him a beer in the pub. Tracy thinks it's odd that he would want to be seen with the bad guy on the street. Nathan says he admires a man who stands his ground. Tracy thinks she might see something of interest and sneers sweetly at Charlie. Oh yes, I really want this to happen.

Discretion? Not Her Strong Point

Claire gossips about Steve and Moley. Lloyd worries about what will happen when Moley's husband turns up. Steve thinks he can handle him.

Alcohol: The Cause of, and Solution to, Life's Problems

Liz, Sunita, Eileen, and Deirdre show up at Frankie's for more boozing. Liz takes off for her date with the boy toy who kind of looks like Hal Sparks.

Danny busts in and asks for 30 minutes alone with Frankie. He gives her Adulterer Remorse Speech #173: "We Are Special." Frankie doesn't buy it. Their marriage is over.

Plattman and Robyn, Part Deux

Robyn stays the night at Martin's. The image is too terrible to consider.

More Gail Drama

Gail and Sarah-Lou have a heart to heart about Hillman. I tried to pay attention but Gail's voice puts me so much on edge that I had to chew an old tin foil Hostess chips bag, just to offset it.

Oh but they'd have to pay me LOTS of money

Remember a while back when our MJ blogged that Orlando Bloom was reportedly begging the producers for a part on Corrie?

How the spin has changed. The story today is that he has "accepted a role" on the street. The link is in French but the gist of it is that he only accepted the role because they him offered a dump truck full of money and that he's not even a fan of the show.

I. call. horseshit. It's not like the producers of the show are actively trying to get everyone who was in Lord of the Rings to go on. And McKellan approached them and worked for peanuts.

Someone's PR guy is trying to make it like the longtime fan of the show is being courted by producers when in reality, it's the opposite. Besides, why pay Orlando all that money when I'd go on the show for a hot pot and a chesterfield to crash on?

The Ian McKellan role was really well done and I never thought, 'Oh look, Magneto's in the Rovers''

What do you think? Do you like celebrity cameos or do you think they would turn the show into the Parade of Guest Stars?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update, Now With 95% More Kryptonite

Jamie Can You Hear Me?
The show opens with Danny flopped out on Uncle Mike’s sofa with what looks like Spaghettio stains on his white shirt. Adam comes in to give him a hard time and Danny tells him to shove off.

Leanne meanwhile is having some difficulty telling Jamie that they are through and matters are made worse when Jamie begs her to come around to the house to cheer Frankie up.

Leanne reluctantly goes and there’s a classic scene where Frankie is looking like she’s going to turn into the Incredible Hulk and Leanne is the scared little bunny. Jamie is all, ‘I know, let’s ‘ave some cake! That’ll cheer us up!’

He goes out to get milk and Frankie lays into Leanne who tries to make a break for it, but is stopped by angry mom. Jamie comes back and is all, ‘’Ere, now ain’t dis all better, yeah?’ - as Leanne wipes tears from her eyes and Frankie glares.

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.

Later, outside in front of the Rovers, Jamie FINALLY notices that something is wrong and asks Leanne about it. She tells him that when she brought up the idea of the wedding to Frankie, she went all ballistic on her. She suggests to Jamie that they just run away to elope and that way they can avoid all the family agro – which Jamie agrees to.

Later, outside in front of the Rovers, Jamie FINALLY notices that something is wrong and asks Leanne about it. She tells him that when she brought up the idea of the wedding to Frankie, she went all ballistic on her. She’s suggests to Jamie that they just run away to elope and that way they can avoid all the family agro – which Jamie agrees to.

Leanne tells Frankie that they have called off the wedding, to which Frankie says, ‘I didn’t tell you to call of the wedding, I told you to break up with him.’

Hail Shelly, Full of Grace
Charlie and Jason come in for a pint and Shel….God bless her….goes up and just says, ‘What can I get you lads?’

Cheers to Shel for coming out of the trainwreck called Charlie with all her dignity in tact.

Fear and Loathing in Weatherfield
(Kudos to John for the separated at birth reference)

Bride-cilla is having some problems fitting into Shel’s dress because ‘That girl is as flat as a pancake.’ The other problem being the fact that the dress isn’t spectacular enough and she needs Yana’s help to ‘tart it up’. (I say bring back the wings and add some disco glitter.)

Bride-cilla then sends Les on a mission to find a church for their special day. He tries every house of worship in Weatherfield, but has a problem because the Jews aren’t open on a Sunday, the Catholics won’t marry non-Catholics and the Protestants have issues with marrying atheists.

Bev suggests that he go to the Weatherfield Arms and talk to ‘Father Abraham’ who is a man of the cloth ….I guess kind of in the same way Rasputin was. Les arranges to bring Bride-cilla to his house of worship.

The tin shed disguised as a church is a little less fabulous than perhaps she was expecting, even with the stigmata laden GI Joe.

Beatings ensue.

(BTW…where are all these Jews that live in Weatherfield? They have a Rabbi, they have a synagogue, but we never see them. I want to start seeing a Jewish character! Time for some Hotpot with a side of Matzo.)

Earth Girls are Easy
Martin takes the new mascot lady to the Rovers where they’re having a good time until he makes some joke about her being easy. She looks pissed but then laughs it off.

Then she asks him to put his hands on the table at which point she balances two pints on his hands and says, ‘I didn’t come her to be called easy….you’re not cute enough to talk like that and oh, don’t call me.’

Veronika, Veronika, Her Name is Veronika
First, it never dawned on me that Vera’s name is actually Veronika. What the hell’s wrong with Veronika? That’s a nice name.

Anyway, the other V in the show spent the night with Steve and he has decided to keep her on. This makes Liz happy and Lister not so much.

I don’t know, she’s kind of cute, but I liked the Irish girl more.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Separated at Birth

The excommunicated Father Abraham and the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

The Quick Update

I know, I've been lax.

Just wanted to let you know the BIG THING that happened this weekend before you tune into tonight's show.

Danny and Leanne arranged to meet up at their secret hotel spot while Jamie was on an errand to Holland that Danny sent him to.

Danny heads off to the hotel, but Jamie gets into a fender bender on his way out and has to have the truck towed back to the garage. Both Frankie and Leanne are in a panic, but are relieved when they find out that Jamie is okay. Frankie encourages Leanne to go be with Jamie and covers her shift at Roy's.

Leanne spends time with Jamie but before she leaves, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She accepts and is so happy that she insists that she go with him to Holland. She gets Roy to give her the time off and leaves a message on Danny's mobile, 'So sorry can't be with you tonight.'

In her rush, however, Leanne ends up leaving HER mobile at the Baldwin's house and when it rings that evening, Frankie picks it up.


Not does the phone show caller ID as 'Danny', but up pops a picture of Danny - naked from the waist down.

It gets worse.

When Frankie says, 'Hello', Danny doesn't recognize her voice and starts along the lines of, 'Hello Babe, I've got the hotel room, the champagne, the caviar, the strawberry flavoured oil, french tickler and a hard bound copy of 'The Joy of Screwing Over Your Wife and Son'.'

Frankie replies, 'It's me, Danny.'


Danny rushes home to do damage control and makes some truly, embarrasingly lame excuse about how that was a little joke that Leanne and him. ahahahahahahaa...aaaha...ahha..aaaaaaaaa..........ohforgetit.

Frankie tells Danny that they are through and all Danny can do is beg Frankie not to tell Jamie.

When Jamie and Leanne get back, Danny stops him before he can get to Frankie and says that Frankie found out that he's been having an affair. Jamie is pissed and Mr. Glacia says, 'If you think he's mad now, wait till he finds out that Dad's been plowing the same field.'

Frankie doesn't tell Jamie, but she does tell Leanne that if she doesn't break up with Jamie, she will tell him. And that's where we end.

In other news:

Jason is working for Charlie again and has asked Violet to go out with him to talk.

Liz is moving out of the flat.

Bride-cilla asked Shel for her wedding dress because, 'she won't be needing it.'. Everyone is shocked but amazingly, Shel gives her the dress.

Phil is playing Gale and Eileen off each other.

The husband of the new cab driver comes in and it turns out that he is the owner of the competing cab company and he wanted to see if Steve hired her. Now Lister wants Steve to fire her. I can't remember if they did or not....anyone?

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Okay - got your attention!

Remember how much we all love boobies? Now here's your chance to 'support' them.

I'm once again fundraising for a cause that is near and dear to me, the CIBC Run for the Cure on October 1, 2006. This fundraising event raises millions of dollars each year for the fight against breast cancer.

This will be my 4th year participating in this event and each year I've been overwhelmed by the generosity of those who have sponsored my efforts in raising funds for this cause. Everyone who has donated has made it possible for me to raise literally thousands of dollars that can be used in fight against breast cancer.

For all those touched by this disease, those diagnosed with breast cancer and all those who love them, I would like to ask if could sponsor me for the 2006 run.

If you would like to sponsor me, you can donate online by clicking here.

If you would prefer to not donate online, drop me an email and I'll give you my mailing address.

My fundraising goal this year is to collect $500 online by July 10 (as a challenge put forward to Team Captain's this year) and to reach a total of $1,000 by October.

I'd like to thank you in advance for any help you can provide and a special thanks to all those of you who have sponsored me in past years. It is running with your support that makes this my favorite run of the year!

And remember, the more money Glacia raises, the faster she runs!!!

The Barmcakes in the News

Read all about the Barmcakes (Toronto’s Coronation Street Fan Club) in the Mississauga News.

Our Deborah Cyr and our Joan McClement are mentioned in the article.

The Barmcakes meet once a month on the third Saturday of the month (except August and December) at noon at Crabby Joes Tap and Grill in Mississauga. In December they meet at Pioneer Village and have a Christmas luncheon.

The Barmcakes have quizzes or games, play bingo, and chat about their favourite show, Coronation Street.

The Barmcakes next meeting is Saturday, July 15th.

Email Deborah for more details about Barmcakes meetings or to be added to their mailing list:

Barm Cakes
A bread roll, or bap, made from wholemeal flour - also called 'flour cakes'. They are soft and pliable, with a pitted texture. 'Barm' is an old Lancashire word for the froth on liquid that contains yeast.

A Double Decker Update with a Side of Lie

Violet Explains Big Words

re·cip·ro·cate (rĭ-sĭp'rə-kāt')

v., -cat·ed, -cat·ing, -cates.
To give or take mutually; interchange.
To show, feel, or give in response or return.
To move back and forth alternately.
To give and take something mutually.
To make a return for something given or done.
To be complementary or equivalent.

Violet runs into Charlie who does his big creepy guy routine, making fun of her and threatening to tell Jason about their kiss a few weeks back. Violet is shaken up by this and has a hard time deciding what to do.

After a lovely night at the gay bar with Sean, a drunk Violet and Jason stumble in through the door and Jason proclaims it one of the best nights of his life.

This is the signal for Violet to make sure it ISN’T the best night of his life and she decides to tell him that Charlie kissed her a few weeks ago. When Jason asks what she did , Violet replies that she ‘reciprocated’ and then starts to explain what ‘re-ci-pro-cate’ means.


Jesus, I think that was worse than the actual admission of infidelity. I’d dump you just for that.

Anyway, Jason dumps her and confronts Charlie the next day and quits his job. Charlie seems to have the smallest moment of concern and tells Jason that Violet is mad about him and he shouldn’t throw it away.

Violet moves out of Eileen’s and into the Rovers.

Lippy -suction
Janice is having a great time making life hell for Danny and spends a good portion of one work day drunk and blasting innocent bystanders with her snarling.

She plays Danny up demands overtime from him. (And stop calling me ’Lippy’!) When he refuses, she goes straight to Frankie with ‘information’. Danny reaches Frankie and is met with a flailing handbag and he is sure that Janice told her about the ‘affair’. It turns out, however, that Janice told Frankie about how Carol stayed at their home whilst they were in Spain.

Danny decides that enough is enough and breaks up with Leane and tells Janice that he won’t be blackmailed anymore. He explains that she risks losing her job and that she will have a hard enough time getting employment at her age and temperament. (Since when did those two factors have anything to do with getting jobs in Weatherfield ? Isn’t Vera the eternally employable..) Regardless, it’s enough to get Janice to keep her mouth close.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Danny and Leanne to start up their affair again.

A customer drops off his car at the garage and has to leave it there whilst the boys fix it up. A few hours later a teen swings by and says that his dad had to take his mom to the hospital so he needed pick up the car instead. The bill hasn’t been paid , but the boy leaves his very expensive metal chain as collateral for the repairs.

And Kev gladly accepts the bobbles from some stranger with no I.D.

How long have you been in the automotive repair trade Kev?

Sure enough the real owner comes back for his car and when he is told that his ‘son’ picked up the car, he begins to yell that he has no ‘son’ and that the garage owes him 4.2 million pounds for the stolen car. (Kevin doesn’t have that kind of money! He has one favored daughter in a posh school and the other one needs her daily supply of gruel.)

Luckily, Nathan Detroit remembers him from another garage that he worked at and knows that this is all an elaborate scam to get millions of pounds from small time garage owners. So he tells the guy to beat it, and when he won’t, Nathan is all Kapow! Kablooie! As he beats up the evil villain and sends him on his way.

“YEAH!’ screams Glacia, ‘Take that you crumb bum! No need to call the police on you now that Nathan has given you a thrashing. You just go on you way, because now that we’ve foiled your evil plot to scam money out us our responsibility ends. Yeah, go shake down some other hard working schmuck!’

In Other News:

Kelly doesn’t care that Lister is cheating on her, as long as he takes her out for fancy meals and tells her she’s better looking than Halle Berry.

Martin is being courted by the sexy girl mascot.

Liz won’t make bakery deliveries on a bicycle as requested by Diggory.

Emily has just discovered that she is with child.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scots have the "most trustworthy" accents

A recent poll has discovered that, when it comes to financial dealings, callers find a Scots accent the most trustworthy.

Other favourite accents include London:

Least favourite accents include:



and Liverpool

Story link.

Classic Corrie Update

Martin has cheated on then-wife Gail.

I've watched an entire week of her screaming, crying and pouting.

Where is Richard Hillman when you need him?

Favorite line from Reg Holdsworth regarding Deidre staying with then ex-hubby Ken.

'A chance meeting on the way to the bathroom. There's Ken standing with loofah in hand. It's more than human flesh can resist.'

Glacia quits work for the day to sit on the couch and envision Ken with Loofah.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update - All Men are Philanderers, Perverts, or Liars Edition

At the request of Jacqueline, who is busy tonight helping Angelina Jolie choose the most appropriate hue for her next adopted child, I have agreed to do tonight's update.

Bedroom Farce

Janice has just walked in on Danny and Leanne. Danny tries to come up with an excuse but Leanne tells him Janice already knows about her having an affair. Now Janice says, she knows with whom.

Life then becomes incredibly complicated for Danny, who has become particularly attentive to Frankie as he knows this is going to blow up in his face. He notes how Frankie has settled into the neighbourhood and hangs out with Jack and Vera and even plays dominos with Keith. This is true. Remember when she first arrived and how snooty she was toward her new surroundings? In the span of one week, she adapted and stopped being a snob, relying on her council estate roots to fit in. She's actually become quite likeable.

Janice, meanwhile, lectured Leanne about her affair for about five minutes and then turns around to exercice some power over Danny. She gets free beer and the ability to slack off at work.

Foot Farce

After Sean arranged yet another bait n' switch visit from Dr. Phil, Eileen and the good doctor almost kiss and agree to go on a date, after Phil interviews Sarah-Lou.

At the Platts, Gail is asked in a roundabout way to feck off while he interviews Sarah-Lou. At the Rover's she meets Eileen who tells her she's waiting for Phil as they're going on a date and he gave her his class ring to wear and everything. Words are exchanged and Gail storms back and yells at Phil, who thinks Eileen had something to do with this.

He is angry. Sarah-Lou is crying. Gail is crying. Eileen gets stood up and is crying.

Status Quo Farce

Les and his sollicitor meet with the Quo's slick lawyer to discuss his case against them. Meanwhile, Cilla and Yana have been spending money they don't have saying they envy poor people who don't have to worry about shopping all day. At lawyers, Les produces photographic evidence of his assault: Kirk's remarkably well positioned pics. The lawyer bends a bit and suggests, for the right price, that this incident could be smoothed over.

The price? Status Quo play at his wedding, free of charge. And no compensation. He tells Cilla the good news, he gets punched. Again.

Nathan Farce

Tracy is using Nathan to make Steve jealous, saying he's makes a good father figure for Amy.

Darts Farce

Kelly thinks Lloyd is lying about his darts night. He becomes all attentive and starts taking her out to nice places, even if his answers to her questions about darts night don't add up. Janice, Joanne, and Kelly decide to follow him out on "darts night." They see him embracing a woman. Kelly is devastated. Janice, who takes shameful joy in the misery of others, is delighted.

Could just be his crack dealer, you know.

Pastry Farce

Diggory is leching on Liz by getting her to do a lot of bending over. It's basically sexual harassment. She's clearly uncomfortable with the situation. She compares him to Benny Hill. Except when Benny Hill did it, it was bawdy and comical and they played that sped up saxophone music. When Diggory does it, it's just creepy and gross.

And how does Liz survive in a non-smoking business?

Pretty Boy LLyod

From Johnnie B....

Charles Craig has been suspended from Corrie after alleged drug charges.

Actor Craig Charles has been suspended from ITV1 soap opera Coronation Street following allegations of drug taking.
And the BBC said Charles would not host his radio show on 6 Music while managers talk to him about the claims.

The Daily Mirror alleged that pictures in the newspaper showed the 41-year-old smoking crack cocaine. It said it would make information available to police.

Charles plays cab driver Lloyd Mullaney in Coronation Street. A spokeswoman for the soap said the actor had no comment.

"No immediate decision has been taken on the length of the suspension as further inquiries need to be made," she said.

Radio show

The Mirror claims that the drug taking took place while the married father-of-three was being driven from London to Manchester.

Charles presents a funk show on the BBC's digital radio station 6 Music every Friday and Saturday evening.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that Craig will not be presenting his show while we are talking to him about these allegations."

Charles found fame in the BBC Two sitcom Red Dwarf and hosted the channel's Robot Wars. He joined Coronation Street last year.

He spent several months in prison in 1994 awaiting trial on a rape charge but was cleared in February 1995.

PFD, the agency that represents Charles, declined to comment.

From BBC

CBC reminder

In case anyone forgot, Coronation Street can be seen again in the evenings on CBC starting tonight June 20 @ 7:00 and 7:30.

Episode # 6126 'Leanne and Danny are forced to admit to Janice what's going on'
Episode # 6127 'Diggory continues to leer at Liz in the bakers. Janice enjoys winding Danny up'

Good thing hockey ended in time for the first day of summer.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Reason #4812 Why Corrie Rules Over All Soaps

Because I work for a living, I don't see much daytime TV. Apparently, there's some show in the States that has, as one of its characters, a mermaid:

...and guest stars Pope Benedict XVI:

Somehow I don't think Corrie would be improved if Frankie Baldwin grew a tail. Or the Dalai Lama dropped by.

Or characters spoke to other characters' backs.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Updatey, me Mateys


Best Line of the Show Goes to.....Blanche Hunt!
The omnibus opened with Charlie and Shel at the alter; he's asking her if she's kidding about the whole 'No.' bit. Shel begins a tirade about how he's just a horrible person who's ruined her life, etc., etc. Then she goes barreling out of the church with Charlie in close pursuit, pushing a confetti throwing Bev out of the way.

Blanche turns to Deidre, 'Do you think they write their own vows?'

All hail, Blanche.

Shel gets into the limo, Charlie gets into the driver seat and basically kidnaps her. They end up in some remote place where it all comes down Shel telling Charlie that he's an ass and Charlie acts indignant. Finally, she's had enough and gets out of the car and stomps around Weatherfield in full regalia. (Reminded me of Rhoda Morgenstern hailing a cab in NYC on her wedding day.)

Shel calls Zack (who doesn't seem to have a life outside of being on 24 hour call for his patients) from a public phone booth to tell him what happened and to book another appoint. In the background is a bobby calling into HQ to report grievous display of bridal wear in a public domain.

The rest of the Charlie/Shel saga is that Shel goes back to the Rovers and has the 'Almost Married for the 2nd Time' wedding reception with all her mates. She and Bev make up and Bev is asked to move back into the Rovers, which she gladly accepts.

Meanwhile, Charlie, reduced to wearing t-shirts that say 'Monkey Business', talks to Jason and says something about his mom leaving his dad. (Did I get that right? I was in the kitchen mixing Mojito's - so I may have heard that wrong.) So he does a whole spiel about how women can't be trusted, but he's gonna win back Shel anyway.

He goes back to the Rovers and says, 'Right Shel, I'll move in back here, all is forgiven and we'll just pretend this whole being dumped at the alter thing never happened.'

Shel says, 'No.'

Bev says, 'Shel, you finally did it!'

Mr. Glacia calls over from the mini bar, 'That only took forever.'.

Weatherfield, Where Revenge is Status Quo
In order to get back at Les for blabbing about the undressed Mrs. Webster, Chesney fixes Les and Cilla's invite to the wedding to say 4 pm, not 1pm. As he sits with Sophie at the Battersby estate, she tells him all about Shel dumping Charlie.

Meanwhile a bewildered Les and Cilla sit in an empty church wondering where everyone is. At last they make it back home, where Chesney tells them they had the wrong time. He suggests that they go over to the Rovers and make like they were at the ceremony all along.

They rush over there and try this scheme out and gush about how lovely the service was and congratulate Bev on gaining a son-in-law. Everyone tells them to belt up.

So, this comes to the audio visual portion of the update. I figure it's always good to provide the real scene when available. Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your viewing enjoyment, a presentation of 'Les's Lament' - an play in one act.

The next bit is Les and Cilla scheming to sue the Quo for bodily harm. They can't find a lawyer who will take their case and all seems lost until Kir-keh shows them the pictures he took of the attack.

Les is ready to abandon his love for the world's greatest rock and roll band until Jack points out that it was Les who injured Francis Whatsit 20 years ago by pulling him off stage by his 'wrist thong'. (Glacia sings the wrist thong song.)

The Quo are once again gods in Mr. Battersby's eyes and he no longer wants sue them. He reminisces how they got him through his first true love, 'Jacqueline Wilson'. Through all the trials and tribulations of being the magic that is Les Battersby, Status Quo have always been there to offer the perfect words to sooth his troubled mind.

Then Cilla threatens to leave him if he doesn't go through with the lawsuit, so it's back on.

Clash of the Titans
Martin and the other football mascot have it out on the field during a game. I really didn't pay too much attention to this, I have to say. Later, however, as Martin is walking around Coronation street in costume, the Fox mascot shows up for what looks to be a showdown and sundown.

That is until the Fox takes over its head to reveal a comely young lass underneath. She came around to just patch things up with him.


For the record, I absolutely HATE Gayle drama and can understand perfectly why Richard tried to drown her.

Phil comes around to interview her about the Hillman episode and she starts to, prepare yourself, cry and get hysterical. Lots of old school Gayle blubbering ensues as she tells him all about Richard. At the end of it she feel renewed and gets the best sleep of her life. She also manages to convince Sarah Louise to talk to Phil at a later date.

Meanwhile, Eileen starts to write off any hopes she had of scoring Phil the Foot Guy, until Sean pays him a visit. It turns out that Phil is interested in Eileen and not Gayle; he only wants to interview her for his research. Eileen and Phil arrange a date and it's too bad for you Mrs. Tisley-Platt-Hillman.

Diggory Don't
Liz quits the Manchester Arms after her manager starts giving her a hard time and has ended up with a job at Diggory's. As one might suspect, he's trying to have it on with her, which she manages to laugh off.

Finally, Steve comes in after seeing Diggory with his hands on the tart (get it?? haha) and reminds him that 'My old man is in prison.' along with giving him a menacing look. Liz tells him to butt out, however, later she reads the riot act to Diggory-Do, too.

What the Waiter Saw
Leanne and Danny had made arrangements to go out, but these all fell apart when Frankie waltzes up to them to remind Danny that they had made dinner arrangements - to celebrate his dead dad's birthday. (Am I the only one who's all WTF? about this?)

Because nothing says 'Whore' more than money, Danny slips Leanne a hundred pounds to make up for the fact that he's had to skip their date. A wise Leanne decides to spend the money on a dinner for her and Janice at the same restaurant that Danny and Frankie are going to.

As they sit down, the waiter says something to the effect of, 'Nice to see you again, Ms. Leanne.'

Janice wonders why the waiter knows her name and Leanne make some lame excuses, but Janice can tell something's up. Finally, Leanne tells her that she's having an affair, but won't mention who with. Janice spends the next day needling her, but Leanne won't budge.

Later that evening Danny is at Leanne's place snoggying on the couch when who should walk through the door but Janice. (Du-du-duuuuuuuuuuuuu).

Now, I've never contemplated being an adulteress as Mr. Glacia mixes a mean cocktail and I just can't afford to risk losing that kind of love. HOWEVER, if I were to stray I think the big maxim I'd keep in the back of my mind is, 'Don't' sh*t where you eat.'

#1 - Don't take your mistress to the same g.d. restaurant you keep taking your wife to. (You may have to start paying the waiters to keep their traps shut.)

#2 - Don't rendez-vous with your mistress in the same flat that she shares with one of your employees. (See blackmail risk above.)

Finally, did anyone catch what Fred wrote down on the piece of paper that Betty gave to Jack?

Also, someone in the show mentioned the millions of people in Manchester. That sounded a bit high for me, so the geek in me had to do some research.

From the Wikipedia entry on Manchester:

The city has a population of 437,000, whilst the wider conurbation, known as the Greater Manchester Urban Area, has a population of 2,240,230.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Update - Lives to Return to Normal June 20

The Oilers. Just. Won't. Go. Down. As Edmonton has won Game 6 tonight, the final and deciding Game 7 will take place on Monday night. This pushes the scheduled return of Corrie from Monday night to Tuesday night, where weeknight episodes will air at 7:00pm. In addition, for next week only, we'll have back to back episodes. The CBC website has been updated accordingly.

The CBC has also announced that they will never tinker with the Corrie schedule ever again and are looking at ways to get episodes aired in such a way so that we will be brought up to date, within a day or so, of the current storylines.

I made up that last part.

Go Oilers.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Angela Saga

Quick Corrie history lesson to bring everyone up to date about Angela.

It all starts with Mavis Riley who shows up on Corrie August 14, 1971. Mavis eventually ends up working at the Kabin for Rita and marries Derek Wilton who arrives on the street June 7, 1976.

Derek’s ex-wife is Angela Hawthorne who owned the stationary business that he works at as a salesman.

One day in 1994 Derek got stranded on the highway back from London and meets Norris, who gives him a lift back to Weatherfield. Norris needed a place to stay and stays with Derek and Mavis’s home for an extended period of time. At some point, Derek introduces Norris to Angela and bada-bing bada-boom, Norris becomes Mr. Angela and Derek’s new boss.

Angela in the show has always been the Corrie equivalent of Maris on Fraiser….much spoke of, but never seen.So you can understand why I dropped my Boilermaker on Sunday morning when she arrives on the scene. Not sure if I'm glad or dissappointed that she finally makes an appearence. (And something tells me this will not be the end of her.)

NOTE: For anyone following Corrie Classics, you can seen Mavis, Derek and Norris altogether and because they are re-running episodes, you'll also be able to catch the wedding of Norris and Angela. (Or more correctly, you'll see Norris marry Angela's hat.)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wedding Bells??

Dear TV Guide,

Could you send me a copy of the big suspenseful 'Will Charlie and Shelly Live Happily Ever After' issue?

Be sure to post it for a week ago, when I gave a damn.

Cheers, Glacia

Is it just me or is this cover story a week late?

Still Rubbing the Sleep from my Eyes - UPDATE


Children, I see you is anxious. I'm still 'recovering' from last night's events which included being exposed to by 5 gentlemen in kilts - each ass whiter than the previous. (I wish this was a joke.)


I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me
Bev gets 'Slag' written over her front door and bags of men's clothing dumped on her front door. Fred comforts her and paints her door immediately.

We find out that her stalker is Barry the Plumber's (Liz's new love interest) wife who thinks it's Bev he's been fooling around with because his car is always parked out in front.

At that point, Liz throws Barry on the street as she finds out about his wife. When she meets Mrs. Plumber she says, 'If you want to know why he cheats, just look in the mirror.'

See...this is why I hate Liz. Why would she say that? This woman has just caught her husband in an affair (with you, btw) and you decided to kick her in the head.

Liz, you're not just a hooor, you're kind of a bitch too.

A Rabbi and a Priest Walk Into a Cab....
Eileen has taken too much abuse from Les and the whole call name fiasco, and decides to quit. Steve has to get Lister (aka Red Wolf) to apologize to her, drop the call names and buy her a drink.

It's Like Seeing Nessie, Sasquatch or Maris
You don't believe this person exists, but then they appear like a vision of the blessed virgin in a taco.

Later today I'll provide a full history for those of you who are not familiar with her, but Norris's ex-wife Angela shows up at the Kabin. This character has been mentioned for YEARS, and we've never seen her (other than a hat shot at her and Norris's wedding).

She waltzes in Kabin, offers Norris a good job at her stationary firm, invites him out for dinner and tells him that they are getting married - in between telling him to send back his food and to order dessert and get his teeth fixed...etc. etc.

It was women like these that I believe made Britain great..Angela would frighten Thatcher.

Anyway, Norris decides that it's all too much and boots her back onto the street, preferring to stay with Rita. Rita decides to offer Norris a junior partnership in the shop and he is happy and is thinking of renaming the shop the 'Kole Hole'.

Chesney's In Love
Chesney admits to Les that he likes Sophie and 'wot should I do, Uncle Les?' Les's advice is to 'be yourself'.

Later, Chesney is over at Sophies and because of a practical joke gone horribly wrong, he needs to use the bathroom. And because that house has the 'Carry On Curse' (whereby you walk in on people in various stages of undress), he finds himself getting a full frontal view of Mrs. Webster.

Screams ensue.

He tells Les and makes him promise not to tell anyone. Les promises. Les tells everyone. Now Sophie is mad at Chesney and won't talk to him.

And Now Our Top Story...
As Shel makes final arrangements for the wedding, she decides to go out to buy a wedding dress but needs Zak to help her with this trip 'outdoors'. She comes back all happy and excited which Charlie must crush immediately.

He says that if she is so successful with this shopping trip, she mustn't need Zak anymore and does the whole, 'It's him or me' schtick. She decides to fire Zak (who tells her that she has his number if he needs it - cause he can clearly see what's going on.).

Fred offers his services to walk her down the aisle which she accepts and adds something like, 'if it's not too much bother'. Fred responds with my favorite line of the morning,

'What? Wear a nice suit, escort a beautiful woman and make a speech? I'm Fred Elliot, I thrive on this.'

Glacia raises her morning glass of vodka in the air and screams, 'Hurrah!'

Bev, Violet, Deidre, Betty, Liz, and Sunita (did I forget anyone?) decided to throw a surprise hen party for Shel. It was probably a bad idea to do the 'surprise' bit for someone's who recovering from being a shut in, because when she came into the room, she just ran back upstairs again.

Sunita ran up to get her to talk to her and convince her to come back down. She succeeds, but in the process finds out about Charlie's Zak ultimatum and tells she that she *might* want to think about postponing the wedding for a bit.

The hen party is in full swing and Betty's hammered on Absinthe, Liz is doing her best Gloria Gaynor on the karioke machine and Deidre is doing headstands. (THIS is how hip injuries occur.)

Sunita and Violet start talking and V mentions that Charlie has been sleeping around, which Bev overhears. All hell breaks loose as Bev announces that V has something to tell Shel, and V decides to confess the 'Charlie kissed me' story. At this point all the lady's are telling Shel that they love her and that they think marrying Charlie would be a mistake.

Shel responds with, 'Screw you guys, I'm going home.' She says that their protests make her even more resolved to marry Charlie because, 'I love him' (said through a veil of tears).

Meanwhile, Charlie spends his last night (HA!) of freedom in the sack with Glacia, I mean, some slag. He grudgingly gets his ass out of bed and shows up at the church just in the nick of time and plonks himself down in the front pew. When Shel makes it to the alter, he has to get off his ass and drag himself up to stand with her.

Minister does all the blah, blah, 'Does anyone know of a reason....' blah, blah, blah....'Do you Charlie....' blah, blah, blah. Charlie says, 'Yes'.

'Do you Shel....' blah, blah, blah.


TADA!!! Confetti goes up and everyone is pleased.


What the hell is a Jimmy Saddle, Saveau, Stravo, Sade, Snuffleupaguss?

How are these wedding invitations decided? Seriously, I can never figure who gets invited to who's wedding. Deidre, Blanch and Ken go, but the kids don't? (okay, fine the elders are representing the Barlows.) Candice is invited because why? (She admits she barely knows the bride.) Fred is important enough to walk Shel down the aisle, but Ashely doesn't get an invite?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rita's "Affair" (spoilers for Sunday omnibus)

Anyone else call b.s. on Audrey's accusation of Alf's affair with Rita? It was based on a photo that clearly had a double exposure. Five people saw it: Audrey, Keith, Gail, Sarah, and David.

Now I can understand the Platts not seeing the double negative as it's been established that they're all morons. But Keith's not an idiot. Surely he would have seen it.

Anyway, it seemed like a pointless storyline that started with Keith putting on Alf's trademark hat. That could have been the start of something more interesting.

Sorry, had to complain there for a sec.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Breakfast With Coronation Street

Attention Corrie fans in the Ottawa area.

The Cheshire Cat Pub in Carp (west of Ottawa) is now serving Sunday breakfasts with Corrie on the big screen, every Sunday.

Address: 2193 Richardson Side Road (at the Carp Road)
Carp, Ontario

Phone: (613) 831-2183

Time: 9:00 – 12:00 noon every Sunday

No reservations are required but you can call ahead to save a place if you wish.

And while you’re in Carp, you can visit the Diefenbunker.

Note: The Cheshire Cat Pub's website may be updated next week with the details.

Come on out to the Coronation Street Pub Breakfast!

(Thanks, Hanna)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Another milestone

Sometime last night Corrie Canuck had visitor number 150,000 - a very impressive number.

Hopefully we will have another milestone to celebrate in a month or so when England win the World Cup - I'm dreaming of victory but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Who Else Cried During Classic Corrie Yesterday

Yesterday when Curly decided to break up with Raquel?

It was SAD, I tells you, SAD!

Also, we see the beginings of the Tracey we love today...a few hours before her wedding, the groom is missing and she is worried...about her nails.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby

Nikki Sanderson (our Candice), on Celebrity X-Factor, singing 'I Love Rock n' Roll.' She did not win.

This blog is not responsible for bleeding eardrums.

Guess Who's Back? Back again. Blanche is back. Tell a friend.

On Corrie Classics, Blanche Hunt has just returned to Weatherfield for the hastily arranged wedding of Tracy to Robert Preston, on November 13, 1996 (they're still wearing poppies, it seems).

According to her profile, it's the first time she's been on the show since 1981, despite details of a stroke 1993 (it happened off-camera, maybe?). In any case, we see some hints of the acid tongue that is to develop in later years.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dear Diary....

Heather found the blogs of different Corrie characters. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Jim McDonald

Liz McDonald

Mike Baldwin

Deirdre Barlow

Jaimie Baldwin

Ken Barlow

Ken Barlow

Martin Platt

Vera Duckworth

Tracy Barlow

Gail Platt

Charlie Stubbs = Cilla, soon to be Battersby

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Two Things...

Best line last week...
Eileen to Gail:

"Off home with you then, the sheers won't twitch on their own".

Picture the average Ontario Pig Farmer, out there in the sty with bottles of Ban de Soliel rubbing the swine down so that they have the gentle aroma of aloe vera and lavender.

"You can eat everything but the oink".

News of Weatherfield

Update for June 4, 2006

She's a child, not a chemical weapon

The ongoing saga of who gets to visit with Amy continues with yet another visit to the courtroom. Steve and Tracy both get good advice from their kith and kin to 'get stuck in first' and show how evil and reprehensible each other are. I doubt if either of them needed any prompting in this regard, as they both showed their true colours during the proceedings. The judge ruled in favour of Steve's petition for parental rights, after expressing his disgust at the behaviour of the two 'adults' invovled in the case. The judge (who I think should be written into the show somehow) described Steve's actions as 'beneath contempt', Tracy's schemes 'beggared belief' and feared for the future of Amy if her mother continued her 'dissolute private life.' A bit of resolution for this plot line it seems - until Steve suggests to Liz that sometime soon the three of them should all go for a family holiday to Spain. (no one could possibly be that dense) I wonder if Tracy has the number for Interpol programmed into her mobile?

Things are going to the dogs

The tension continues at the kennel between Fiz and Molly Compton, dating back to their school days when Fiz used to steal Molly's meal money. (sorry, unintentional alliteration) Good old Kirkeh returns from Cyprus or Crete (one of those warm islands) without any hint of a tan and proceeds to get thrown out of the kennel by Molly the black bra, er black belt. Fiz is overjoyed that Kirk is back so he can get rid of Molly and they can go back to some passionate mucking like the good old days. Kirk has taken a shine to Molly though and gives her a trial period at the kennel. Much backbiting, whining, lying, manipulation and the like ensue between the two vixens as they struggle for control over Kirk and his kennel empire. No resolution to this dogfight (or should that be catfight?) in spite of Kirk's efforts to broker a peace deal between Molly and Fiz.

A Streetcar named Desire

Lloyd comes up with a plan to improve morale among the staff by allowing everyone to choose a new call name. Lloyd opts for Lone Wolf, Claire chooses Pink Lady, and Les goes with Alpha Male, instead of his first choice, Mister Wonderful. Steve (Mister Happy) of course thinks this a terrible idea but is outvoted by the others when they out for a night of drinks to discuss the issue.

So I married an axe murderer

Phil tries to patch things up with Gail, expressing his interest in her and in her story and how it might benefit others who have had similar experiences. Gail realizes that this might be good idea and how it could be cathartic for her children, so she has a sit-down discussion with David and Sarah, only to discover that David blames Gail entirely for what happened to them.

Pork - the other white meat

Keith rescues a piglet from somewhere, and brings it home to raise in their garden, much to the consternation of the neighbours. Keith sees it as a way to save a few quid when they get pig butchered, Craig ses it as a way to express rebellion against the staid way society does things, Gail, Ashley and the others see it as a health hazard and a nuisance. This all fits in nicely with the ongoing debate between Audrey and Keith about his miserly ways. Audrey is a bit put off by the way they have been going to movies in the afternoon and rushing through dinner to get the early bird price and shopping in a charity shop for a suit for Keith. She claims if he won a million pounds he would still drive far out of his way to save money on a tank of gas, to which he replies if he won a million he would wine and dine her in the finest style, and lavish her with diamonds and the like, but as a pensioner on a fixed income with an unexpected responisibilty in caring for Craig he has to be very careful with his money. Quite touching really. It seems Audrey at last begins to understand why Keith behaves the way he does.

Your dad's a chicken - really

Martin is exposed for the man he really is at a festival in the park when some kids run off with his head - as the chicken mascot for the Weatherfield County football team. (see earlier post re getting 'martinized') Of course all who know him are embarassed or amused. Nathan runs off after the kids to rescue Martin's head - too bad he can't rescue his pride and self-respect...

Three Times a Lady

Liz meets a new bloke - Barry the plumber - at the pub and they proceed to fall in lust, much to the chagrin of Bev. It seems the music of The Commodores gets both of them in the mood and they make plans to go back to Liz's place to listen to Lionel and have some lovin'.

The Wedding Planner

Charlie and Shel continue to forge ahead with their wedding plans, and have a little party at the Rovers to celebrate. Shel calls her mom to invite her over to the pub for some exciting news. Bev hopes that Shel has gotten rid of Charlie, but it's the complete opposite. Somewhere along the way Bev tried to bribe Charlie so that he would leave Shel, so he thinks it would best if Bev were not involved in the wedding. (I seemed to have missed a bit here while making a fresh pot of coffee - sorry) At the end of the show someone was following/stalking Bev on the way home from work, leaving her in a right state.

Deja Vu all over again

Norris goes to another job interview, only to discover he is to be interviewed for the position by his former step son (three time removed) Neville, who seems to still have some issues about not getting the toy he wanted for his 32nd birthday. Needless to say trhings don't go the way Norris had hoped, even though he is offered the position of executive in charge of hot drink ditribution - aka the tea boy.

Bits and Bobs

Danny and Frankie return from seeing Warrenaldo in Spain. Later, Danny and Leanne meet in the kitchen and agree that they should never again have a tryst, but the look they give each other leads me to believe otherwise.
Nathan is at the Barlow's after comforting/servicing Tracy when he comes across Violet in the dining room getting her corset fitted by Blacnhe and Dierdre. Much drooling ensues and later he seems to be quite taken with her in the Rovers. Upcoming plot twist?
Cilla tries to get a wedding dress but the security guard wouldn't let her out of his sight. Les offers to go along with her to provide a 'contraction' while she purloins her gown.

Upcoming Dates

The Stanley Cup will soon be over so Coronation Street will again be seen in the evenings, starting June 19. That week there will be two episode on per night @ 7:00 and 7:30.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Morrissey Disapproves of Modern Corrie

There is a long list of things of which Morrissey does not approve: the seal hunt, work-shirking lesbians, lots of things, really.

And now, Morrissey has something new of which to disapprove: Corrie. In a recent interview, Moz complains that Coronation Street has become too "common:"

"In 1970s Coronation Street, if we must discuss it, the inhabitants were all aspiring to gentility.

"Now everybody is thrilled to be as common as muck and everybody strives to be seen as completely backward and aggressive and lunatic."

What do you all think? Is Moz off his rocker or do you, too, miss the Elsie Tanners? Is the current Corrie just an accurate depiction of modern day Britain?