Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weekend Update - the rest

Go Speed Racer!

Ken decides to give Adam 500 pounds in honour of his road test. Candice has herself wrapped around Adam as he announces to Ken that he's going to go buy a car with the money. Ken offers to go with him, but Adam says, 'Oh I can do it myself, plus the worst I can do is lose 500.'

He picks out a sexy little number but on their way back to Corrie street, Adam and Candice find themselves stranded in the middle of the road in a broken auto. Candice calls him a loser for buying a piece of junk and storms off just as the police officer who wants him to move the car informs him that he put petrol in a diesel engine (or is it diesel in a petrol engine.)

The car is toast and would cost more to repair than what he paid for it. Adam sheepishly tells Ken and Mike what happened and just as Ken is about to say, 'Well, I hope you learned your lesson.', Mike jumps in with, 'No matter, I'll buy you a bigger and sexier car.'

So now Adam is sporting a sexy new race car and guess who is back on his arm. Candice, so wonderfully transparent.

Big Mama's House

Frankie and Danny have trotted off to Spain to visit Warren, leaving the house to Jamie. He immediately calls Leanne so they can play house.

This soon becomes an intergenerational house as Jamie's mom shows up on their doorstep for a surprise visit. After, making herself at home and annoying, she lets them know the real reason for her surprise visit. She's been evicted.


Waldon's Pond

Claire finds out that the children's park down at the Red Rec is a mess with trash and hypodermic needle and a few frustrated efforts to clean it up have fallen through.

She talked to the gent who's currently working on it and he explains that they have the funding for material, but not for labour.

Claire goes on a crusade to get volunteers but everyone has some lame ass excuse. (Sorry, I just thought there should be more community participation.) Her saint arrives in the form of Emily who promises to get a bunch of people together.

Ashley wants Claire to be careful as Emily is a known tree hugger.

And In Other News

- The homeless lady who taunted Kelly was an old cell mate of hers from jail. yes, Kelly admitted that she had a foolish youth that included incarceration.

- Bev and Deidre go to some African Lion Safari with Amy. Deidre insists on keeping the window rolled down the whole time and at some point a monkey swipes her glasses. LUCKILY, she still had pair of her Nana Mouskouri glasses from 1981 still at home - so she can just wear those for the time being. Cause she doesn't look stupid at all.

- Steve is back from Spain and is pissed that Dev sold the shop to Lister without telling him.

- Phil accepts Gayle's apology and offer for dinner.

- Keith takes Audrey out fishing.

- One of the twins is sporting a lovely new 'pig' brooch.

- The factory girls got shut out for a morning because Danny was away and Mike was golfing. Penny is pissed about the mix up.

- Kev's 40th is coming up and Tyrone is planning a party.


papasmurf said...

Was it just me or was there some potential scandal/romance between Claire (aka queen of the hidden jubblies) and the gardener bloke from the park?

Pamer said...

I also thought that Adam's police chick was giving him a long look

John said...

I often do the Speed Racer pose when I get out of my Corolla.

Jacqueline said...


I do it getting off the streetcar sometimes