Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Update, Episode 5: Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night

What Planet Are You On?

Gail comes into Streetcars for a cab. Eileen starts winding her up about Dr. Phil Nail.

Later on, Phil confronts Gail about what she's been telling Donald. After initially thinking she was a nice person, his opinion has changed. He asks what he he ever done to her.

'Nothing' she squeaks. And now he never will, either.

Gail confronts Eileen about the lies she spread (she did no such thing).

'Let's face it Gail,' she says 'Sour little shrews like you just don't turn him on. Now, why don't you run off home? Those net curtains won't twitch by themselves.'

Black Cars Look Better in the Shade

Adam took and, with the help of Candice's grotty teddy bear, passes his driver's test. As a present, Ken gives him 500 quid toward the purchase of an old beater. Mike looked a little perturbed. I'm betting a game of oneupmanship is about to begin with Mike buying Adam a flash car.

Meanwhile, Candice and Adam make a date to go to the car auctions.

We Are Two Ladies

Les is teaching Chesney the moral lessons contained in the Kenny Rogers classic 'Coward of the County.'

Cilla and Yana interupt as they're about to go shopping for a bridal dress. Yana needs the opinion of a red-blooded male: Chesney. She shows him some photos of bridesmaid's dresses.

'Which one of these would have you drooling and gagging to unzip me?' she asks.

They march off to try on their dresses (Yana's was lovely I must say) where the staff treat them like, oh I dunno, skanks.

Call Him Mr. Romance

Keith is telling Craig how he's looking forward to dating Audrey as it will be nice to get his hands in her stockings. Craig is taken aback but Keith says panty hose are ideal for storing onions.

He makes a date for 5:15 pm, that's 5:15 pm, with Audrey for dinner. She thinks it's a bit early but chalks it up to some exotic Yorkshire custom. She ends up arriving 45 minutes late and not at 5:15 pm so he rushes her off to the restaurant, only to find he has missed the early bird special. Audrey is famished and orders the most expensive things on the menu, much to tight-fisted Kieth's dismay.

Homeless, homeless. Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake

Kelly and Lloyd enjoy a fancy date at Clock. Outside, a homeless woman rattles her tin can for change. Lloyd, feeling generous, gives her some money. The woman recognises Kelly.

'I see you got what you wanted, Kel.'

Kelly runs offs in tears. Lloyd calls after but she says she just has to go.

This is Not Uncomfortable at All

Charlie sits in on another Shelley-Zack session. Shelley talks about the humiliation of learning she's the second Mrs. Peter Barlow in front of everyone. Her biggest dream, and thing she most fears, is getting married.

Charlie then decides what better time, than right in the middle of a therapy session where deep-rooted issues are painfully sorted out, to pop the question.

Shelley can't believe it. Neither can Zack.


Pamer said...

Hey John, thanks for doing the recaps in Jacqueline's absence. I really appreciate it since I missed the entire omnibus. Great work

frobisher said...

you are soooo far behind with Corrie

*smiles smugly*

missusmac said...

Charlie's proposal was about the ickiest thing I'd ever seen him do.

How inappropriate, how self-centered, how Charlie!

Anonymous said...

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