Monday, May 15, 2006

Update: Episode 4: Sack Zack

What Doctor-Patient Confidentiality?

Charlie demands Zack tell him what Shelley said about him. He claims that they didn't discuss him at all, other than that Shelley said she was grateful for his help. He doesn't believe him.

Charlie then asks Shelley what they discussed. She tells him, to which he replies, "Well, you certainly have your stories straight."

Guilty conscience, Charlie?

He later learns through Violet and Jason that Zack is coming by at 7:00pm to drop off some tapes for Shelley. He decides that's when he'll "sack zack."

Unfortunately for Charlie, he's had one too many pints and nips off to the loo when Zack comes in. He waits for Zack come down and decides he'll fire him then. Upstairs Shelley tells Zack she's ready to take the trash out while people are around as part of the first step to her recovery.

Charlie spots Shelley coming down the stairs proudly taking the trash out. She is clearly pleased that she is making progress. Charlie is clearly displeased that he cannot fire Zack now as he's obviously having a good effect. Better watch out, Charlie. Today it's taking out the trash. Tomorrow it could be cleaning the toilet. Next thing you know, she's got opinions of her own again!

And Speaking of Setting Women Back 40 Years

Kelly is pleased to learn that Lloyd really, truly, owns half of Streetcars. This would make him a man with money in the bank and therefore, worthy of her time. Lloydie Warbucks agrees to buy her drink at the Rovers.

Meanwhile, Candice thinks Adam is a nerd. Audrey points that Adam is likely to inherit some of the Baldwin fortune and the factory and will be more posh than anyone else on the street. Candice tells Audrey that money isn't everything and if she wasn't interested in him before, she isn't going to be now. In fact, she says, the shallow pursuit of material goods is a driving force the disintegration of our civil society, something she has often decried.

Okay, seriously now. Candice suddenly thinks Adam is no longer a nerd.

Audrey: 'Forgive me for saying this Candice dear, but you really are dreadfully shallow.'

Candice: 'Thanks! I think that's why I'm so in touch with what the modern world is all about.'

Has he tried

Norris asks Rita for a reference in his pursuit of a new career. She agrees, handing him a sealed envelope. He objects, citing she could have written anything. She says it's not for him, it's for his employer.

Later in the Rover's, Norris admits to 'accidently' opening his reference letter, found it lacking, and re-wrote it for Rita.

Mean Girls

Dr. Phil asks Gail why she wasn't speaking to him. She said it wasn't intentional, she was just having one of those days. Her invitation to tea is politely declined as he makes off for another home visit, Eileen's as it turns out.

Gail shakes her fist and yells across the road, 'Damn you, Grimshaw! Damn you all to Hell!'

Actually, she goes back to the medical centre and tells Donald that he's at Eileen's right now. The boss is again not interested until she points out that his appointment was with a Mr. S. Tully, not a Mrs. E. Rotten-Cowy-Tart. Donald says he'll have a word but asks if Gail is sure she's not personally involved in any of this.

'Quite sure, yes.' she replies.

Later at Eileen's, Phil is applying the hand-cuffs doing his patient's feet. They are chatting about rude people and Eileen points out how rude Gail is. But then, she adds, she's had a lot to contend with. What with Richard Hillman and all.

Suddenly Phil feels sorry for Gail, not the reaction Eileen wanted.

Later, she told Jason she was worried Phil would think Gail was the most interesting woman on Earth.

No, I don't think he'd ever think that.

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