Monday, May 15, 2006

Update: Episode 3: Fear and Driving

Dr. Finchy Arrives

Charlie tells Shelley he's booked an at-home appointment with a therapist. She wants Charlie to stay with her when he arrives.

Violet and Charlie discuss Shelley's situation. Charlie tells Violet that sometimes he checks his throat first thing in the morning to make sure it hasn't been cut in the night. Nice.

Later, Zack (Zak?) arrives. Charlie warns him Shelly is very disturbed, just like her mother. Charlie wants to stick around for the session but Zack asks him to leave for the initial consultation.

Zack asks Shelley about her situation. She says she feels frightened all the time.

Downstairs, Charlie fumes at Jason that Zack kicked him out and they're probably talking about him right now. Well, not just yet. It takes time to get at the root of the problem.

Charlie comes in on Shelly and Zack and lingers for a bit while they discuss her fears. Zack gives him the "PFO" look and he slumps off. Shelley then says she's afraid to leave her room because she thinks she'll make a fool out of herself. Zack suggests she try a simple task like taking out the trash and says he'll be by later on to drop off some tapes that may help her.

Charlie later demands of Zack tell him Shelley said about him.

Come on, Eileen

Eileen thinks Gail has the advantage in winning Phil's heart as she works with him. Sean says she just needs to take the initiative.

'Come on Eileen,' he says. 'You know how to pull a fella.'

They later see Phil outside loading some boxes into his car. Eileen suggest they may see each other in the Rovers sometime. Sean asks for a consultation of his own. Later in the Rovers (I need a macro that phrase), Sean said the consultation was a ruse just so he'd pop by hers again and she could have her wicked way with him.

Gails watches the events unfold and hatches her own plan. It will be devious. It will be dastardly. It will be small-minded and shrewish.

She tells Audrey that they're "at it again" and she's going to put a stop to it to and call Donald. No, Audrey, not Trump. No, Sarah-Lou, not Duck. Donald the Practice Manager.

She is true to her word and informs Donald that there are shenanagins afoot. He is less than interested.

Son, You're Going to Drive Me to Drinkin' if You Don't Stop Driving That Hot Rod Lincoln

Adam is taking his driving test with Penny as she doesn't yell at him as much. Mike has a conversation with Jamie about the importance of family. Mike later asks Penny if he should give Jamie a few quid now and again because he realises he's his grandson but can't as it would raise suspicions. I enjoy how the upper classes show love.

Later as Keith is getting his hair done by Audrey, Candice is doing Adams's hair. He talks about his driving test. She asks if he has a car and he says he does not. Candice says the girls he goes out with are probably used to that but as she is a local celebrity she couldn't been seen on the bus. People would think she's slumming or doing a reality TV show.

Meanwhile, Norris career search continues.

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GoBetty said...

As a huge fan of the UK series The Office, I am loving the Finchy reference!