Monday, May 15, 2006

Update, Episode 1: Love, Feet, and Trainers

I actually hadn't seen the first episode of the Sunday omnibus as I was dropping off the parental units at the airport so I'm cheating a little bit by cribbing from the online updates for the first part.

Love Drag Us Down Where We Belong

After Tyrone and Frankie convince him, Jack admits he misses Vera. She's like smoking, he says. It isn't very good for you and costs a fortune but it's nigh impossible to give up. "Every man needs a drag in his life and mine's Vera!"

(I just want to point out it's my last day on the Patch so I know of what Jack speaks)

Jack finds Vera in Southport, after failing to find her in Blackpool. Jack remembers that Southport was the site of their pre-wedding dirty weekend and was the closest they ever came to a honeymoon. Their B&B, Vera recalls, was 'The Shangri-La,' which appealed to Vera because of the french name. They decide the find the place again and Jack suggests they check in under "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Vera is delighted at Jack's kinky side. And so, the two are back together.

Better Shopping Through Guilt

Sophie guilts her parents into buying her the latest sneakers, saying they spend all their money on Rosie and her Orc Hill 'skewel.' It works.

Paging Dr. Phil

Gail lied to Eileen about Dr. Phil being all booked up when in fact, he had Gail booked that very evening. Eileen then got Phil to come round hers for another bout of footsie. Gail is consumed with squeaky voiced rage.

"I'll Take The Rapists for $200, Alex"

Charlie drags Shelley to the medical centre. Once there, the doctor asks Shelley about herself. Charlie answers for her mostly. She is prescribed some Happy Pills but it is suggested she would benefit from some therapy. Unfortunately, the next therapist will not be available for the next four to five weeks, due to waiting lists. Everyone in the UK is mad, it seems.

Flavor of Love

Keith asks Audrey out for a drink. She sees through his awkwardness and asks him out for dinner.

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