Thursday, May 25, 2006

These Are The People in Your Neighbourhood

At the request of Jacqueline, and spurred by recent comments, I decided to research just who lives in and owns what property on Coronation Street.

It's interesting to note that some residences, like Ken Barlow's, date back to the beginning of the show (and have a history prior to that) while others began their existance only after the construction of the large exterior set in the 1990's, like Gail Platt's.

I'm always amazed at how the writers have maintained this continuity. Most of this info comes from

First off, Coronation Street was constructed in 1902, along with the Rovers Return. The pub was built by the Newton and Ridley Brewery and was named after Lt. Philip Newton who had just returned from the Boer War. Originally, it was called the Rover's Return but Newton had the apostrophe dropped so that it would honour all war veterans, and not just him.

Number 1 Coronation St: Currently owned by Ken Barlow and occupied by Ken, Deirdre, Tracey, and Amy Barlow, along with Deirdre's mother, Blanche Hunt. Ken has lived there as a teenager, on and off as an adult, and now is there as a grandfather.

Number 3 Coronation Street: Owned and occupied by Emily Bishop. Norris Cole is her lodger.

Number 5 Coronation Street: Owned by Weatherfield Council. Occupied by Les, Cilla, and Chesney Battersby-Brown. Kirk Sutherland has recently moved to his parents' place to run the kennels.

Number 7 Coronation Street: Owned by Blanche Hunt Mystery Buyer, to whom Blanche sold it to pay for her Polish hip.* Occupied by Danny, Frankie, and Jamie Baldwin. Previously owned by Curly and Emma Watts, who moved to Newcastle. (*Thanks, Lori)

Number 9 Coronation Street: aka The Rectory. Owned by Jack and Vera Duckworth. Occupied by Jack, Vera, and Tyronne Dobbs, their lodger. On Corrie Classics, the Duckworths are at Number 6, across the street, and the Number 9 is currently occupied by Judy and Gary Mallett.

Number 11 Coronation Street: Currently owned by ???. Was owned by Steve Macdonald and occupied by Eileen Grimshaw and her sons Jason and Todd. Steve sold the house to an unknown buyer in order to finance Karen's Wedding of the Century. The buyer kept the house as a rental property and is currently occupied by Eileen, Jason, his girlfried Violet, and Sean Tully, Eileen's lodger and confidant.

Number 15 Coronation Street: The Corner Shop. Currently owned by Dev Alahan. The shop has been on the street since the First World War. Dev bought the shop, along with six others, from his uncle, Ravi Desai.

There is a house number 13, but nobody is listed as living there. Bad luck maybe?

And now, on to the other side, or the "posh side," as Vera calls it:

Number 2: The Salon. Owned by Audrey Roberts.

Number 2A: Flat above the Salon. Owned by Audrey Roberts, rented by Maria and Candice (I think, a number of the teens have moved in and out so I think they're the current occupants).

Number 4: Owned by Fred Elliot. Occupied by Fred Elliot, Ashley, Claire and Joshua Peacock. Was the site of Maxine Peacock's murder at the hands of Richard Hillman.

Number 6: Was owned by the Harris'. However, Tommy is dead at the hands of Katy and Angela is doing her porridge for obstruction of justice. I assume when he died, the house became exclusively Angela's. I'm not sure how the legalities of that sort of thing would work. She obviously can't make mortgage payments from jail. On the other hand, they moved to the street as part of the witness protection programme so maybe the court bought it in the Harris' name? Anyway, current occupants are Keith Appleyard (Angela's father) and Craig Harris.

On Classic Corrie, the house is occupied by Des Barnes.

Number 8: Owned by Gail Platt. Occupied by Gail, Sarah-Lou, David, and Bethany Platt, as well as Sarah-Lou's boyfriend, Scooter. Gail's ex, Martin lives in the flat above D&S Hardware.

Number 10: The Kabin. Owned and operated by Rita Sullivan. Norris Cole is (currently) employed as a shop assistant. 10A is the flat in the back where Rita lives, for now.

Number 12: Owned by Alec Gilroy. Occupied by Steve MacDonald and until last year, his ex-wife Karen.

Number 16: Websters Auto Centre. Owned by Kevin Webster. Was formerly owned by Mike Baldwin as MVB Motors. The business folded and Kevin and his co-worker Tony Horrocks bought it from the bank. Tony left Weatherfield and left his share of the garage to his mother. Later, it was discovered Tony was murdered by Jez Quigley. I'm not sure if Kevin now owns the garage outright or if Nathalie Horrocks still maintains a co-ownership. Current employees are Tyrone Dobbs and Nathan Harding.

And at the end of the street lays Underworld, owned and operated by Mike Baldwin.

Feel free to fill in any gaps I may have missed.


Pamer said...

Rovers is right next to Ken's, so it must have an address on the other street...(or else it's no.-1 Coronation Street). Strange, you'd think they'd have made it No1 since it is so integral to the show

kowy said...

Isn't Alec Gilroy dead? I mean, we haven't heard or seen of him in donkeys ages.

Jacqueline said...

Amazing job! TY John!

Sometimes the places change so much vis a vis make over that I can't figure which place is which from classic corrie. E.G. Des Barne's place.

BTW - on Classic Corrie Des is moving his girlfriend Claire into a flat that I think eventually becomes the Sarah/Todd flat - now Bev's flat.

John said...

Ah, yes. That one's above the bookie's on Rosamund St. I haven't done the adjacent streets yet.

Interesting: Ken's old flat at the Weatherfield Quays was known as "Montreal House."

GoBetty said...

Wow - so cool, I always wondered...

beggy said...

The flat above Audrey's salon is only lived in now by Candice, I think. Maria, Fizz and Candice shared it, but Maria moved out to that flat above Street cars and shares that flat with Liz MacDonald. Now that Fizz has moved to the kennels with Kirk, it would appear that only Candice is living there now.

beggy said...

oops not sure what happened here

lori said...

I thought Blanche sold hers to pay for her hip surgery. I think to the same person who bought Steve MacDonalds. She offered first dibs to Danny but it was turned down. Tracy was REALLY peeved and felt betrayed her gran sold it out from under her. She thought her and Steve were going to live there at one point.

John said...

Gadzooks, you're right. That was quite recent, as well. Consider it corrected.

lori said...

As for Natalie, I am pretty sure Kevin bought her out, she ended up buying the Rovers.

Jacqueline said...

I want to find out the mystery buyer.

See the salon changed layout between the time Denise owned it and Audrey - or do they just do a different camera shot?

Jackie said...

Wow! Great list, thanks!!

lolagranola said...

(All information I have from Coronation Street Treasures).

No. 13
1960-1962 May & Christine Hardman
1963-1964 Jerry & Myra Booth
1964-1987 Stan, Hilda and Irma Ogden
1980-1983 Eddie Yeats
1986 Kevin, Sally, Rosie & Sophie Webster

As a point of interest, No. 4 (now Peacock/Elliot) was owned by Mavis and Derek during "Classic Corrie".

The marked map the book has shows Martins flat being above Diggory Compton's bakery.

Something else I found interesting was that one or more Barlow's have lived at: 1,3,5,7, 9 & 11 at various points in the series.

#1: All of them, current
#3: Frank, Ida, Ken and David Barlow, 1960-1964
#5: Ray, Deirdre & Tracy, 1977-1979
#7: Blanche, Tracy and Amy, 2004
#9: Ken & Valerie Barlow, 1962-1968
#11: Ken & Janet Barlow, 1973-1976

SeangSTM said...

"On Corrie Classics, the Duckworths are at Number 6, across the street, and the Number 9 is currently occupied by Judy and Gary Mallett."

Just for the sake of completeness and correctness, on Corrie Classics, airing on CBC Country Canada, the Duckworth's live in and run the Rovers Return and have done so for at least two months.

Des Barnes lives in No. 6, not the Duckworth's. Although you did mention that later on, condradicting the above statement.

Just want to make sure Vera gets her dues as the temporary landlady at the Rovers.

John said...

You're right. I took a wild guess based on what was on and what I've been seeing on Corrie Classics (when I catch it). I'm not entirely sure the timeline ten year back as to who lived where and when.

Damn, this is hard.

SeangSTM said...

If you ever need a reference from Corrie Classics, lemme know. I watch both eras religiously.

Hilarious scene two days ago when Curly and Raquel went to the Mallet's for dinner but were interupted by their fertility alarm, at which point the Mallet's headed upstairs (in the middle of dinner) to do the nasty and told the Watts to amuse themselves.


Jacqueline said...

That was a hilarious scene.

I'm also of the church of corrie classic.

Never know how many peeps here are watching it - if it's worth commenting on, but I'll do a poll.

lori said...

Corrie classics, Corrie classics, Corrie classics,, ooooops,,sorry,, just doing my daily religious chanting,, Corrie classics, Corrie classics,, hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Heather said...

FYI I think that Rita's flat is upstairs, not at the back of the shop. At one time Alec Gilroy had a door put in between her flat and his. And, Steve MacDonald botched installing a heater in her flat - she almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Funny how that list brings back the past episodes...