Tuesday, May 30, 2006

National Tea Break

In an effort to raise awareness, and some cash, for epilepsy, Epilepsy Action has asked several famous British folk abot why they love tea, including Julie Hesmondhalgh (our Hayley):

"I love tea and drink it by the gallon-full! On a normal day I'll probably have about 7 cups before lunchtime – I'm quite famous in my village for always having a brew in my hand even when I'm walking my little girl to pre-school!"
Our Hayley also offers up the recipe for her mum's chocolate cake. Full recipe and her "mug shot" available here.


MJ said...

She's probably also famous for the frequency of her loo breaks!

Pamer said...

do you think she has a cup in her hand even when she goes to the loo???

Tanya said...

looked at her cake recipe...wth is drinking chocolate? cocoa?? its in oz... maybe squares?

John said...

According to ask.com -

a beverage made from cocoa, milk, and sugar.

Heather said...

Looking at the "National Tea Break" site I couldn't help seeing Cliff Richards page: http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/involved/teabreak/recipe_sircliffrichard.html

I'd fall from a tree too if the milk wasn't put in first LOL.

Jacqueline said...

According to Rodgers and Hammerstein.com -

a drink with jam and bread.