Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm Ready for My Update, Mr. DeMille

Liz had the pleasure of running into 'Bob' and his 'Mum' in the park by accident.

In the grand tradition of 'God-awful Corrie Mums', 'Bob's' 'Mum' takes one look at our Liz and calles her a tramp, a tart, a hussy, etc.

Bob apologizes to Liz and explains to her that 'Mum' is mentally ill. (Hands up how many people who have explained away some family members in this way!) Liz seems satisfied and is more excited when 'Bob' asks her to model for some photos he wants to take.

Okay - I have to admit I was watching this at 6:30 am recovering from post run drinks the night before - so I can't remember the exact way this came about but Liz seemed convinced that 'Bob' was going be Cecil Beaton to her Liz.

Liz gussies up and heads over to 'Bob's and is positioned over on the bed and all is good until, like a 70's cautionary movie about the evils of strangers with cameras, 'Bob' suggests that she remove her top.

Liz takes exception to this.

She takes even MORE exception to the saddle he pulls out of his closet in attempt to get her a photo over her wearing it.

Yeah... turns out he was talking about Helmut Newton...not Cecil Beaton.

Liz runs off to Bev's place to tell her tale of woe. LUCKILY, Bev had some booze and smokes on hand to help Liz calm down.

Bev has Liz call 'Bob' over to Bev's place in order to confront him. When he gets there, he tries to explain that the saddle pic is famous, but Liz will hear nothing of 'My Little Pony' and tells him that they've called the police to search his place for pornography.

He freaks out, which makes me worry, what DOES he have at his place?

At that point, the gals chuckle and say, 'Oh Bob, we were just joking.... you sicko.'

'Bob' calls them tarts and stomps off.

BTW - did anyone catch the comment Liz made when Ken suggested that she look up Cecil Beaton in the library?

Also, I just found out that I share my birthday with Glenda who does the updates over at Corrie Net. Cool.


John said...

It's odd how the show can become oddly prudish. If that happened in real life, Liz would have totally worn the saddle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I caught Liz's comment. When Ken suggested to Liz to go to the library, her comment was along the lines of if she'd be required to join the libary to use the books. She's obviously never been to a library.

MJ said...

When Ken suggested Liz go to the library she asked, "Is it easy to join?"

missusmac said...

You know, I don't think Liz would have worn the saddle.

I think she's really an old fashioned girl at heart, just a floozy with a heart of gold. And black lungs.

Now Bev, Bev would have totally worn the saddle.

John said...

I think behind closed doors, Liz is just a little bit kinky. She would have worn the saddle but it would be implicit to Bob that NOBODY EVER SEE THE PHOTO.

Bev would have worn the saddle, uploaded the photo to Flickr, and then blog about the experience.

MJ said...

Roy wears the saddle on alternate Friday evenings.

missusmac said...

OK, now that's a mental image I'm scrubbing out of my mind with bleach!