Monday, May 01, 2006

'Go Get a Large Cuppa' Update

Okay - there's a lot.

Fizzy Water
Kirk goes away and leaves Maria in charge of the kennels. Fizz won't accept this, so it's decided that the both of them and Tyrone will take care of the dogs together.

Initially, Maria won't have anything to do with the dogs and leaves Fizz on her own. However, when she comes back to the Kennels and see that Fizz and Tyrone have the dogs out of the kennels, sleeping on the furniture, eating pizza, listening to Snoop Dog and day trading on the net, she flips out.

She puts on her Barbara Woodehouse hat and before you can say 'Walkies!' has the dogs and people on schedule.

Lloyd the Barber
Lloyd had a good day and a bad day.

Bad day? He asked Kelly out and she told him that she was out of his league. (She's gonna eat those words I predict.)

Good day? He found out that a) Dev needed money asap to buy his dream home and b) Fred was no longer interested in buying half of the streetcars.

So Lister was able to purchase Dev's half for 5,000 less than the asking price.

'Ere, wot's on the Kelly?
After she rejects Lloyd's advances, it turns out that our Kelly went on a date with Young Adam.

She lets all the factory know and takes advantage of the situation by having him buy rounds for her mates, fetching coffee for them at the factory, and bragging about how she's gonna marry him.

Both Danny and Mike both warn him about letting the workers walk all over him, which kind of goes in one ear and out the other. What does straighten him out is when he hears Kelly talk about how she's bored with him because he's too much of a pushover.

And she's out on her ass.


Beverly went to Fred to ask him to reconsider tossing Shel out on her ear. She is worried that if Shel loses the job, her and Charlie will move to parts unknown. Fred was pretty steadfast about not budging on that issue....but asks Bev to go to dinner with him anyway. He then offers Bev the manager position, but she turns it down.

They went out of din-din where Fred announces that he's changed his mind about Shel and tells Bev that he fancies her. It looks like the feeling might be mutual.

And btw - Bev looked AMAZING at dinner. Her hair is so much better straight.

Who's there? Liz on a date with 'Bob' meeting his teacher friends for the first time. After her initial concerns she was able to win them over with knock knock jokes, discussion of Keynesian economics and remembrances of her luncheons with the Lord Mountbatten

Tracey goes into the Rovers to give Steve a hard time, but not before Deidre tells her that she she's her own worse enemy.

Tracey gives this some thought when she comes into the pub and Steve's mates (Kev, Martin and someone else...) start to tell her off about chasing Steve off from his pint. Steve ends up defending her as the mother to his child.

This warms Tracey's heart and she says that he can stay if he wants and he buys her a drink. They get very warm and friendly to the shock of both Liz and Deidre.

Then just when it's feeling very lovey dovey, Steve lets Tracey know that he hates her and that sex with Karen was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than with her and he only slept with her because he felt sorry for her.

Tracey ups and smacks Steve, which gives him good reason to call the police over the assault. (The local constabulary must be LOVING these two at this point.) Tracey has to be removed kicking and screaming.

Deidre wonders why Tracey isn't 'normal'.

Don't work Diedre Hunt-Langton-Barlow-Rachid-Barlow-Trump-Gabor, it has nothing to do with the environment she grew up in.

In the end, Steve decides to go spend some time with Andy to get out of this twisted environment.

BTW - is Kev working out?

Tim Hortons
I took a 15 minute break and ran to the local Tims for a bagel and a can of coke.

Sahid sends his best to the Corrie group.

Emily's Niece
Emily's Niece sent a letter to let her know that she wanted to drop by for a visit.

Norris is worried that this will be a fake Niece only after Emily's vast fortune.

When it's discovered that Emily's Niece is deaf, Norris is relieved because deaf people are incapable of evil doings.

Dr. Phil Prevails
Frankie tells Vera that she read an article in a magazine that says it's healthy for a woman to get out her frustrations and express her anger and it's healthy for men to stay calm.

Vera and Jack are going to try a new routine in their marriage where Vera shouts (even though she thinks it's common) at Jack and he ignores her and does whatever the hell he wants.

Let's hope this new form of communication works out for them.

Keith, the Garden Gnome.
Keith has taken a strong interest in Gayle's garden and has been helping out and hanging around the Platt's home.

Everyone comes to the conclusion that Keith fancies Gayle and when she invites him to dinner with the family. Of course, the family bails in order to give Keith the chance to profess his love to Gayle.

From the world of 'who didn't see that one coming' - after Gayle embarrasses herself by telling Keith that while she's flatterd, she's not interested in him - Keith let's her know that he's actually interested in Audrey.

Last one, I promise.
Danny sends Jamie to the Netherlands and tells Frankie that he's got an overnight business deal in Glasgow.

Of course, this is just to get Leanne to their favorite hotel.

Frankie sees Leanne getting dressed up and into a cab and decides to follow her to the hotel. She gets into the hotel just to see Leanne go into an elevator. So Frankie calls Danny and asks him how one would get everyone in a hotel out of their rooms and into the lobby.

He tells her that he'd pull the fire alarm.

I don't' know which is dumber, that she couldn't figure this one out or that he didn't get suspicious.

Anyway, Frankie pulls the alarm and Danny sends Leanne down and tells her to 'think of something'.

Leanne does think of something and tells Frankie that she was there for a interview for a new nightclub. Then she has the good sense to ask Frankie what SHE'S doing there. Frankie has to think on her feet and tells her that she's meeting up with an old school chum.

And that, my lovelies, is that.


Pamer said...

phew I am spent!!!

thanks Jacqueline! It's been awhile since I've had to absorb so much Mancunian banter. My head is swimming.

Jack made me sick clipping his toenails at the table. I yelled at the telly "trying to eat me Johnny Cakes over here Jackie boy!" ugh

missusmac said...

Wonderfully done!

Wasn't Steve awesome? I do like this story line.

What was up with Emily's hair? She looked different in the Cabin somehow...

papasmurf said...

A good football reference - Kelly to Lloyd when he tries to chat her up - 'I'm Man United and you're strictly Tranmere Rovers, and the reserve squad at that.'

Needless to say one of Canada's best international players, Ian Hume played for Tranmere, which might be why Canada is so poorly ranked in the FIFA standings, somewhere below the Faroe Islands I think.

mama kay said...

Wow .. the stories all seem to be getting good! Steve Rocks! I am so glad he put Tracey in her place!

kowy said...

Thanks for putting the update. Our TV was packed up and even worse....we have no internet access at home yet so I had to wait until I got here (to work) to check the updates.

Gonna have to print this all out for Mr. Shatnerian to read tonight.

I hate moving.

missusmac said...

I confess I have been cheating.

Yes, I've been looking ahead at the story lines at

What I can say? doesn't know Corrie's been pre-empted by hockey, and I love my Sunday a.m. sleep-in.

Steph said...


Pamer said...

I miss all you guys. I miss our daily chats.

Now that Calgary and Montreal are out of the playoffs I say CBC should start showing Corrie at regular times again...even at 6:30 instead of 7:30. Sheesh...