Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bob’s Mum

Evie Garratt

Bob’s mum. The woman who called Liz McDonald a low-rent floozie and asked if Bob found Liz at Rent-a-Tart.

If you’re a Little Britain fan, you’ll recognize Bob’s mum.

On Little Britain, teenage Jason (David Walliams) is head-over-heels in love with Gary's (Matt Lucas’) grandmother.

Gary’s nan, played by Evie Garratt, is the same actress who plays Bob’s mum on Corrie!


Jacqueline said...

Good eye, MJ!

She was kind of familiar to me, but I never put it together.

John said...

'...and this is my granny.'


Jacqueline said...

john makes tea come out of jacqueline's nose.

Pamer said...

i love Little Britain. Where does itplay now? I used to watch on Showcase but it isn't on anymore.

BBC Canada??

MJ said...

Pamer: Season 3 of Little Britain begins on May 18th on BBC Canada.
10:20 ET.

MJ said...

10:20 pm, that is.

lori said...

We get re-runs of Little Britian on BBC Kids in BC,, which I don't think is the most appropriate channel! Oh well,, take it when I can get it ( Little Britain I mean,, heheehee)

John said...

BBC Kids has indeed been showing sneak previews of the new season, including a bit with Vicki Pollard making a Corrie reference. I've been trying to find a video of it but no luck so far.

Jacqueline said...

The episode in which we find out who Vicki's real father is....Fred Elliot.

Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, I SAY, yeah, but, no, but, yeah.