Thursday, May 04, 2006


So I decided to google your name.


You just let me know if I've gone too far, far too far.


Pamer said...


Yep I was and still am a huge Wrestling fan and I made the pilgrimage with friends back in 2001 to Wrestlemania in Toronto.

That last picture is NOT me

1st pic I am second from the left, we were having din-din at the Planet Hollywood at the Skydome (Roger's Centre)

In the second pic I am the wrestling commentator with the glasses and stripped shirt

Good times, good times

Jacqueline said...

next time - i'm coming with you to wrestlemania.

Pamer said...

oh excellent!!!

Do you need to borrow a Hulkamania t-shirt or do you have one of your own?

Next year is Detroit Rock City

MJ said...

Pamer: Have you ever been commentator for a self-wrestling match? Called any Albanian headlocks? Or Flying Welshman? Or Double Overhead Nostrils?

And who is that Pamer imposter in the bottom photo?

Pamer said...

oh yeah, lots of self wrestling matches.

That match I called was a women's Gravy Boat Match, so I got to call a lot of things like:

"Ooh that Turkey leg to the temple has GOT to hurt"

That Imposter Pamer is gonna get a sock in the mouth if he don't get off the InterWeb

GoBetty said...

I'm a fan of the Reverse Piledriver myself.

Pamer said...

Somehow I don't think GoBetty is talking about wrestling moves anymore

Jacqueline said...

i don't get it.