Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Amazing Feet Update

Okay - maybe that title was a bit week.

Get Your Phil
There's a sexy new man in town and he works as a reflexiologist at the clinic where Gayle works. She has her eyes on him and arranged for him to meet her at the Rovers for a drink.

Meanwhile, Eileen has tales of 'bumping' into a handsome new man in town and is all a glow and proclaims in the Rovers that she is in love. Unfortunately, she doubts she'll ever see him again.

It turns out she will see him again because he is...wait for it...the same gent that Gayle is chasing after and there he is in the Rovers! Oh no! This is really going to put a wedge between Gayle and Eileen's beautiful long standing friendship.

There's a lot of darts being shot back and forth between the two ladies, especially when Eileen comes into book a foot massage with Phil the Foot Guy.

BTW - why are all the sexy love interest either from Scotland or Ireland? What is it about the Celts?

Speaking of Irishmen
Sean is out on a date with Tim, only to be discovered by Tim's partner.

Yes, Tim was two-timing with Sean. So with a great deal of strength Sean breaks it off with Tim.

BTW - why do all sexy Irish love interests get shipped off the show as fast as they arrive?

How Do You Sign 'Norris is a Jerk'?
Norris went out of his way to let Freida, the niece, know that she was upsetting Emily and causing a lot of havoc in the household. This after Emily fell down the stairs and hurt her arm.

Freida took her cue and decided to head back home. Emily is suspicious that Norris sent her away, even though Freida denied it.

Emily really didn't want the niece to go because I think she liked the feeling of having family around and reminicsing about Ernest. She be pretty cross with Norris now.

Sophie's Choice
Sally and Kev had the heartbreaking job of telling Sophie that they couldn't afford to send her to Awk-hill like Rosie.

Sophie is over the MOON because she never wanted to go there in the first place.

In Other News

Lister and Kelly are dating.

Tyrone and Maria tried to make each other jealous, only to realize that they were too much in love for all that nonsense.


MJ said...

What is it about the Celts? KILTS.

mare said...

well put, well put.

missusmac said...

Sorry about Sean and the vet plot. I thought there might be an actual relationship brewing.

However, Sean single and looking for love is always worth a funny line, or two, or four!