Sunday, April 23, 2006

"When I See My Baby Cry" - by Joanne

"When I see my baby cry,
All I wanna do is die.
Die a thousand deeeeaaaaaaaaths."


MJ said...

Make it stop!

Pamer said...

aw poor Jo, I can empathize with her...but I still think she's pretty hot

(I know...not the most intelligent comment ever made)

Allegro Mouse & her Family said...

I thought I was going to die of embarassment for her when I watched this. Anyone remember WB Superstar that was out on the air from the states about 2 summers ago?
Allegro Mouse's Mom

Anonymous said...

I think it bad but the actress is really cute and sweet. Too ba dthe other sister is leaving. I think they should have given her more of a storyline. The actress is beautiful...bu then Corrie isn't one to have people on color on that long are they?? :P

Anonymous said...

When she started singing I had to look at my cat...I thought she was in heat.