Friday, April 07, 2006

Well... (Update)

Shel's back!

What the hell is going on with Shel and Charlie. This relationship has become so complicated and grey that I don't know what Shel's game is.

At the beginning of the episode she we see her and Charlie at the back of the Rovers where he's trying to get her to go 'out' and she's trying to go back 'in'. Ciaren and Bev come to the rescue and Ciaren puts up a man wall between Charlie and Shel whilst Bev tries to comfort Shel.

This gives Shel an opportunity to go running into the house, while Charlie tries to explain that Shel had plastic surgery and that's why her eyes look so bad. (Kudos on the makeup department, btw.)

(And don't worry, dear readers, luckily during the 'Charlie and Ciaren going chest to chest in a little macho war' scene Glacia as prepared with a little spritzer bottle of cold water, to prevent any lose of consciousness.)

Shell goes tearing up the stairs and brings down the receipt from the plastic surgeons for Bev and Ciaren to see, after which she marches into the pub and tells all and sundry that she had some surgery and she has nothing to be ashamed of.

'Did you really think I'd let some man push me around. Don't you remember me punching Peter Barlow?' was the 'quote du jour'.

Then she physically pushes Bev out the door.

Oh, it gets better....

Later, Charlie starts packing their bags for Scotland and she tells him that she's still not going to Scotland at which point Charlie threatens to 'rip every stitch out of her eyelids' (ew.). Shel then PUSHES HIM AWAY and tells him not to talk to her like that.

So basically she's telling him to leave and he does - and Glacia is thinking, okay, now he realizes that he has no more control over her, he's lost interest.

But as he leaves, she asks him to come back.

10 minutes later, he does - stating that if he left, Bev would win.

Come back, go away, come back, go away...and Charlie does.

So there it is my pets, what do you make of all of this?

Poisonous relationship, not so black and white.

Do you think Shel's a victim who just reached her breaking point or do you think she is getting control over the relationship anyway she knows how. He certainly seems to be running around in circles with her.

The kicker is that afterwards, he makes a visit to Bev and starts playing some really weird mind games with her.

Bev had said earlier to Deidre that she'd like Charlie to try and hit her. (Mr.Glacia - 'Oh! I can see where this is going!)

So when Charlie comes over, Bev kind of does this 'Oh, look I stole your papers, doesn't that make you want to hit me?' game. Charlie catches on right away.

He first scares her by saying he was angry enough to hit a woman and then goes 'Boo!' in her face which causes her to jump. (Glacia jumps and laughs (for some sick reason).) Then he lets her know that he's on to her game and he has no intention of hitting her although, she does want the attention and that he knows he could still 'have' her if he wanted. With that he forces a kiss on her.

Soooo, now that Shel seems unwilling to play along with his bullying, it would seem that he's turned his attention on Bev, n'est pas?

Very good writing, very complex plot and I have no idea what to make of it.

In other news.
The vet accepted Sean's offer to join him on a dog walk with his dog Bella-Sinead. (and for some reason Sean wonders if the vet has picked up on the fact that Sean might perhaps be gay.)

Now he just needs to get a dog, and Kirk is willing to lend him 'Buster' from the kennel.

Speaking of which Kirk is not selling the kennel.


John said...

As much as I want this storyline to wrap up (I'm also spoiled as to what will constitute the Next Thing), I have to admit it got a little more interesting with Charlie laying it all out on the table as to his intentions. He states it plainly: he likes controlling people, women, specifically. He's very good at reading people and antipating their moves, and that gives him a lot of power.

Also, I had to love Sean's quick exit from Violet's side as soon as he heard Oirish Boy might be in the neighbourhood.

GoBetty said...

I hope that Charlie's comeuppance, whatever it may be, is as crazy, bizarre, insane and mind-blowing as Maya's firey exit from the street.

mare said...

oh, maya's exit was brilliant.

if ever there was an honest manipulator and bully, that's our charlie. shelley's motives for her behaviour are less clear. desperation? overwhelming fear of being alone? she can't honestly believe that what she and charlie are living is better than life as the concurrent mrs peter barlow.