Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Weatherfield 90210 Update

My least favorite aspect of Corrie was in full focus last night.

The teens! The teens! The teens!!!!

One Day My Son, All These Milkbones Will be Yours
Maria, Kir-keh and mates were invited up the the Sutherland's dog kennel where mom and dad had some exciting news.

They're retiring and going off to Cyprus to live and now the kennel belongs to Maria and Kir-keh!

Everyone is happy except for Maria who starts in about how no one takes her hairstyling career seriously and that for all she cares, Kir-keh could have the business.

Personally, I'd take the kennel over the get to deal with a better class of bitches.

Glacia wipes the tears from her eyes as she continues to 'crack-herself-up'.

Dear Shel
Shut up.

For the love of god, shut the #$%$#%$# up.

Stepford Shel now wonders if she should do the surgery or not...what if she comes out worse looking. She flip flopped on this issue about a million times in Charlie's lorry.

Okay, I know he's already got the bad guy image, but seriously, if I had been him I would have reached over her, opened the passenger's door and push her out. Then drive off to the airport and catch the first plane to Toronto to the waiting arms of a very, very secure Glacia.

Anyway, Stepford Shel is at the hospital having her face do

But Seriously, He's a Bastard
Charlie's pursuit of Violet took a turn for the very, very nasty last night.

She decided to come back to work and spent the time avoiding Charlie. Finally, after closing time he started in on her and it got to the point where I was afraid he might rape her.

She broke free from him and went running down the street in tears, where she met Sean. She is beating herself up about it because she feels that because of her flirting she’s put both Jason’s and her jobs on the line.

Koi Gevald!
Scooter and Sarah made their way to some sort of garden/park where fish are kept. When they tried to release the fish into the pond, the park manager assumed that they were stealing fish from the pond and called the police.

Sarah got arrested as she actually had her hands in the pond and Scooter is being taken away for questioning.

The Chinless Wonder is going to love this.

Cause What Gal Doesn’t Love Tickets to An AA Meeting?
Candice has competition in Jamie for biggest dumbass on the street.

Jamie promised Leanne a day out and about - for which she turned down Danny’s offer of a hotel in Nottingham. Once she was in the car he informed her that they were going to see Carol and go with her to her first AA meeting.

It’s like a dream come true, innit, Leanne?

Leanne is more than a little pissed and even more so when Carol opens the door drunk. Her excuse is that they were late.

Leanne, “By 3 minutes? What did you do? Pour it down a funnel?’ (Which is Glacia’s preferred way of alcohol consumption.)

When they get back, Danny still has the Nottingham offer on the table. I forget…did she take it or no?

Next on the Biography Channel, Warren Baldwin
Bear with me because I have no idea what that kid says half the time.

Warren invites Candice to join him for a drink, where she assumes he will tell her that all is forgiven.

Oh sure, he’s forgiving her alright and more importantly he won’t forget her. In fact she will be a very key footnote in the biography he’s writing about his life in order to get publicity. The woman he loved and left.

The last we see is Warren being thrown in a cab but not before snapping a cell phone pic of the conveniently placed Candice walking down the street.

Hmmm, a biography….The Secret Diary of Warren Mole?


John said...

Leanne did indeed Danny up on his offer. She darted off to get her toothbrush. Just a toothbrush. That won't look bad when at all she gets back wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

John said...

"won't look bad when at all "

should read

"won't look bad at all when"

Shouldn't really comment when drinking. At the office.

papasmurf said...

'did indeed Danny up'

I think my basic english would define 'Danny' as a verb in this sentence. John is being creative in his writing today indeed...

Jacqueline said...

Glacia and would like to danny up Bill Ward.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Scooter and Sarah didn't both fall in the pond and drown. They are a poor imitation of Spider and Toyah and I wish the writers would come up with a sensible cause for them to fight for.

frobisher said...

Tee hee hee! I can't believe you so far behind in the episodes! can't you get them off the internet somehow? Have you had the big fire yet or the plane crash?

Anonymous said...

Nope, haven't seen them.

And I'm sure you didn't really mean to reveal any upcoming plot lines... did you?

Jacqueline said...

I think Frobisher is taking the mick.

Anonymous said...

Could be, because he didn't really mention the real upcoming plot lines: drought, plague and famine.

Oh, and Les gets a face lift too.

Jacqueline said...

and the killer bees...don't forget the killer bees.

Anonymous said...

And the man-eating shark.

Ooops! Sorry, that's Cilla.

John said...

Also, I read Sean and Betty perish when they board a plane ... with snakes on it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the snaky plane crash. I really thought their marriage had a chance...

StarSearch said...