Thursday, April 13, 2006


Here, take this bag you didn't pack yourself and go to the airport
I'm begining to think Steve is an idiot of some sort.


Tracey, out of the blue, lets you take Amy for the day and then suggest that you go to the airport with her - and while you're at it, take this bag. And you don't think something's up, Stevo?


Tracey spends the afternoon with Blanche in the Barlow's sitting room, pretending that Amy is just in the backyard and after a few moments she goes out to check on her, drops her tea cup and screams, 'Amy!!!'.

Oh my god, I think Steve's kidnap Amy!

Personally, I can't wait to find out what was in the nappy bag.

I'm Feeling a Bit Tyred.
Nathan has turned the training of Ashely up a notch and put a tyre around his neck that he needs to hold while he does his laps

Just when you thought Fred had no competition as Weahterfield's version of the Michelin Man.

Anyway, Ashely was looking pretty beat up and trying to hide it from Claire.

What Stinks?
There's some odd smell at the factory - and in between the Danny/Adam feud - everyone keeps mentioning it.

I'm at a lost. Any ideas what it could be?

True Confessions
Okay - I just realized that I wasn't really paying attention to last night's episode. It's the party race I'm worried about, can't concentrate.

Feel free to add other bits.


John said...

I'm assuming the smell was from Fiz, after her first night at the kennels.

Also, Sean cried on Eileen's shoulder (more Eileen, I say!) about his disasterous date with Tim, worrying that he wouldn't take him seriously anymore.

Pamer said...

At first i thought maybe Sean had forgotten to bring the rabbit home and left in the lockers or something, but then i couldn't remember what had happened to it

Anyone esle notice there was a lot of crying at the endof episodes last week?? Betty, Shel, Violet...too much crying,I say

GoBetty said...

I think that Uncle Mike may be incontinent.

Pamer said...

Fred: "It's a shell suit"( in reference to his giant yellow track outfit)
Nathan:"That must've been some snail"

I also thought it was pretty funny that !Bob! was eyeing up Bev and Liv getting jealous and pulling down her top a bit more.HA

Pamer said...

euwwww incontinent Mike!!! yikes

Jacqueline said...

betty - so gross, so funny!!!

GoBetty said...

Seriously, if you are losing your marbles you crap your pants and don't realize it.

John said...

Oh yeah, Danny's dad died. He seemed a bit dazed but not entirely upset.

GoBetty said...

Turns out it was Fiz who smelled.