Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Updates and figs

The Best Time To Call People is When You're Drunk
Bev took the customer papers that she swiped from Charlie's office and call the people listed on it.


To tell them that Charlie probably overcharged them.

However, in style becoming Glacia, she decided to drink a half bottle of Stoly beforehand.

'You don't know me but.... Oh yeah, he's been saying that he slept with your wife too!'
Bev!!! Why get some poor woman into trouble?

I can see it now, 'Hello, Mr. Glacia, you don't know me, but....Yes, Charlie Stubbs slept with your wife!'

What's New Pussycat?
Okay, this was actually really sad.

Sean took Betty's pussy 'Marmaduke' to the vets where he found out that poor Marmaduke was far too ill. So Sean let the vet put Betty's pussy down.

The worse part was when Sean was freaking out about it at the shop and in the back ground you could hear Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out'. Why didn't they just play the Killers instead?

Anyway, the final scene of the episode had Betty visiting Marmaduke one last time and crying.

Okay - Glacia's mom was a dead ringer for Betty...so me no like it when Betty cries.

'Look! Violet's in Bloom!'
Or not.

Jason gets it into his head that Violet's 'illness' is really morning sickness. For a moment I thought, 'Oh my god, how is she going to explain this when the baby comes out with stubble, a smirk and toolbelt around its waist.' Then I remembered that Charlie and her didn't do it.

Anyway, she set Jason right that she is indeed NOT pregnant. I just don't feel that Violet and Jason have much longer together.

Sailor Liz
Liz has booked a boat trip for her and 'Bob' as she's found out that he as an interest in all things nautical.

My favorite scene of last night's episode was seeing her getting ready for the date by going to the salon and getting set up in those coffee canister sized curlers. Very, very Valley of the Dolls.

Trading Up
Candice (who's being a very large bitch) started spouting off how she broke up with Warren to go after bigger and better fish. She explained that it's like trading up a car or house.

This was all well and good, until later on the street when Frankie gives her a piece of her mind for dumping Warren. She told Candice that all Warren can do is cry since they broke up.

Candice seemed genuinely surprised that Warren was hurt - which makes me suspect that she's even stupider than we suspected.

At that very moment a wailing sound comes from the Baldwin house and a bouncing Warren comes running out shouting that he's been 'traded up' to a better soccer club, in Spain.

Oh-oh Candice. Seems like your Saturn just became a Ferrari.

Ola, luv.

Oh for @#$#$%$%'s Sake, Roy!!!
He sold his patent to the environmental hotelier for the price of a picture frame.

The Scottish person in side me couldn't stop screaming.

What Makes England Great
Quote from Cilla, 'Most folk don't care what they eat as long it's drenched in chips and mushy peas.'

The French person in me needed CPR.


mare said...

yes, i shudder at the mushy peas.

it wasn't "take me out", though it was franz ferdinand. i believe it was "the dark of the matinee"? i don't remember, but i was singing along, and it definitely wasn't "take me out."

GoBetty said...

Nice update!

I cried when Betty cried.

Jacqueline said...

Honestly, I'm getting old and FF songs are all beginning to sound the same to me.

John said...

Last night's episode was why Daran Little should never, ever leave the show. I amazed at how deftly he can juggle high comedy, drama, and sentiment, all in 22 minutes.

Betty crying over Marmaduke was sad but it was handled so sensitively with Sean telling her what happened and her quiet acceptance of it. A lesser show would have concocted some awful "switch the cat" storyline. It was a nice poignant way to end the show, as well. Normally, the show ends on some kind of revelation. This time, it was simply a character we love crying over the passing of a character she loves.

And Warren bursting out of the Baldwins jumping up and down about going to "Thpain" was, I think, the funniest thing that boy has ever done.

I think Roy should have asked for at least four figures for the patent but that's Roy. He just wanted to know the invention had value.

Pamer said...

We got a huge blizzard here so my satellite wsa on the fritz....I missed most of the pussy storyline and the scooter and the skip crash

Damn snow

Jackie said...

I missed last night too! Thanks for the update!

mare said...

well, they kind of do all sound the same.

the cat scene was extremely sensitively handled, and well performed as well.

i didn't really buy sally and frankie on the park bench, though.

Anonymous said...

It was Gail and Frankie, and I didn't buy it either.

(Nor would I believe Sally being nice to anyone. It's easy to mix the two of them up, they're both blond shrews.)

Have Gail and Frankie spoken to each other before? Plus, Gail HATES Eileen, who is a friend of Frankie's.

GoBetty said...

I know! Chinless wonder Gail and Frankie suddenly friends. Weird.

mare said...

yes, sorry, i typed sally but i meant gail.

John said...

I don't know when Gail and Frankie have ever interacted so the conversation seemed a little, I dunno, forced or something. Maybe it happened off-camera. Still, I do like it when characters are taken out of their natural families or groupings and placed alongside other groups. Like using Amy to link the Macdonalds and the Barlows (I think Daran Little mentioned in a Corrie special that he likes thinking of different ways to connect characters).

I think they ought to team up Scooter and Roy in some kind of anorak/fish-saving mission.