Monday, April 03, 2006

Update March 31

Correction: In my last update, I had incorrectly written that Candithe's dismissal of Warren happened in the March 30 episode. It had, in fact, happened during the March 31 edition. We regret the error.

He's The One They Call Dr. Feelgood

The twins arrive chez Grimshaw with their friend's pet rabbit which Sean plans to take to Dr. Oirish Boy so he can examine him. The rabbit, I mean. Violet, meanwhile, is feeling hungover and remorseful about That Terrible, Sexy Thing She Almost Did and asks Sean to call in sick to work on her behalf. But Sean takes no notice as he's alarmed by the albino rabbit's "devil eyes."

Sean later takes Sugarlumps on "two trams and a bendy-bus" to the vet's where he demands to see Dr. Oirish Boy as it's an emergency. But Oirish Boy is off today. Vet stalking: denied!

He later meets Betty in the Rover's and starts quoting Bette Midler:

"Did you ever know that you're my hero. You're everything I wish I could be."

He then offers to take her cat, Marmaduke, into the vet's for his shots.

No Parking on The Dance Floor

Scooter has parked his skip full of Koi Carp right in the middle of Platt Compound, flattening a fence in the process. Gail, apparently having slept through this the night before, is unamused.

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

Shelley is planning her trip the plastic surgeon and plans to celebrate needlessly altering her face by redecorating her cell bedroom.

"Just as long as I recognise you," Charlie says. And as long as whatever she's doing, he can still try to seduce her bar staff.

House of Barlow

Blanche is moaning to Ken and Deirdre about how she doesn't want to be a bother, all the while taking full advantage of their pity by passive-agressively demanding better breakfasts. I think she's channeling my late Nana: "Oh, don't mind me. Oh, it's so cold. Oh, I'm out of cigarettes. Oh, I hate Italians." Did I mention Nana was a bigot?

All the News That's Fit to Print

Roy is unhappy with the Weatherfield Gazette reporter, even after Hayley warned him. Feeling subject to ridicule, Roy decides to take down the invention. Later an elderly man in a bow-tie comes in and demands to see the invention in action. Wary at first, Roy refuses, but then realises that Andrew Audenshaw is an anorak someone who pays attention to detail, just like him. Audenshaw offers to pay the patent for use in his eco-friendly chain of hotels. Roy thinks that would be an appropriate use for his grandfather's invention.

While it seems like Roy's endeavours are paying off, and it would be nice for Roy and Hayley to get some extra cash, I have a feeling this isn't going to end well.

The Girl Can't Help It

Violet, having pulled a sickie, walks past the Rovers (that was wise) where she runs into Charlie and Shelley, and then Jason. It is awkward.

Later, Shelley draws lines on her face, showing where they plan to operate.

Remember how Shelley used to be a cool character?

The Stubbs Conspiracy

Bev goes rooting around Charlie's office looking for...taxes? Payments from Liberal friendly ad agencies? His Hummel figurine collection? She avoids be spotted by Jason, grabs some papers, possibly documented proof that she, too, "let" Charlie, and leaves.

And then all that stuff about Candithe yelling at Warren happened.

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