Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Update in the Jar-o

Adios, Amigo!

So last night saw Ciaren(or is it Cieran, Cieren, Ceiran, Kiaran, Kieren, Karen, Sade?) leave the show forever. Glacia is sad to see him go, but not sad to see his name go.

He made his rounds explaining that there must be more to life than this and he hasn't really laughed in a long time.

It was all very maudlin oirish, complete with Thin Lizzy playing in the background of the Weatherfield arms.

His goodbyes include:

1. Sunita who told him that she will always be his friend.

2. Fred who gave a carpe diem speech and mentioned something about being a 'looker' in his hay day?

No, Fred...you merely looked more like Homer Simpson

3. Bev who was good right up to the point where she got drunk and made a move on his goodies. Bev be creepy.

4. Shel who merely looked out the window.

Farewell Cierenandhalfjadada... we'll miss you. But not your name.

Looks freakin' HOT without a shirt. Sizzle!!!

Maria is pleading with Kirkeh to sell up the kennels, but he is sticking to his guns.

Cilla decides to double his rent at which point Fizz steps in to suggest that her and Kirkeh move into the kennels and live rent free. Which she then uses to taunt Maria.

BTW - is it me or is Fizz slimming down?

Cat Fight
Jason is allergic to the new cat.

Cilla and Yana decided to sneak off with Blanche's scooter and sneak around to the Barlows to do so.

I hear someone singing 'It's Raining Men' and I'm wondering if it's Sean or Norris. My god no... it's Deidre.

Dear Writers of Coronation Street, if you ever have Deidre sing again, I will never watch your show again.

Anyway, they plan to do some shopping in the Manchester version of hte Eaton Centre and hide stolen products in the scooter. The idea being that no one will stop an invalid.

This is until Yana sees a security guard who knows her and a chase ensues all to the tune of that great Norwegian masterpiece 'In the Hall of the Mountain King'. Keep in mind that we're talking about a TROLL King - which may or may not be an intentional slag on Cilla.

The chase carries on until we see Cilla and the scooter go head first into the drink. I expect a lawsuit from Cilla against Deidre for not putting up a warning sign about the danger of the scooter.

I wish Mr. Glacia would get a job producing Corrie so that I can get to be a character like Yana...but he won't.


John said...

Ciaran's really gone? I had no real reaction to it because I just figured he'd be back within a week. I mean, how many times has Bev "moved away forever"?

It's too bad about Ciaran. He was loikable and always had a kind word for everyone. I think the tipping point came when he couldn't think of any for Charlie.

Did I mention when I was in Scotland, we caught an old video of his boy band (BoyzOnly? BoyzRus? We Loike Boyz?) singing Anne Murray's "You Needed Me"? All we could think was, "Ciaran, what the hell are you doing?"

Jacqueline said...

I could be wrong. It's just when the cameras do those long shots and peeps get those thoughtful looks in their eyes - that usually signals their departure.

If comes back, I will only refer to him as Liam though

Anonymous said...

I also really liked Ciaran and was enjoying the show until a drunken Bev threw herself at him. No wonder he left. She is rather pathetic.

Steph said...

I found Bev really desperate and creepy too in that scene--all wide-eyed and weird.

I remember when Ciaran first came on the show. He seemed so different--an obnoxious but charming womanizer type. His character seems to have matured a lot. Remember when he first came to visit Peter and tried to get Shelley to sleep with him?

And I also thought that Fizz looked like she'd lost weight! But maybe it was that horrid "sexy face" she was making.

John said...

Jacqueline, maybe your husband could get a job producing the Corrie spin-off It's Yana! and you could be her Canadian-raised sister.

Jacqueline said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeet idea.

MJ said...

Yup. Ciaran's really gone.

Jackie said...

I was so sad last night when Ciaran left. Although I could have slaped Bev! I know that she is only trying to help, but everything she does just makes the situation worse.

mare said...

i teach a ciaran, and also a ceilidh (keeran and kaylee) so i don't have so much trouble with the oirish. slap these parents who were conceiving to great big sea, though.

meanwhile, i also am sad to see ciaran-of-the-wonderfully-sexay-accent go, but what's he been doing lately on the show, really. i liked how he just adjusted his pack and shuffled away, though i would have enjoyed more if he'd have thrown a punch at charlie. and maybe they'd have had to take off their shirts or something, in order to properly fight, you know.


bev was creepy, i concur. but who could resist that damn accent. if i lived in oireland i'd have 10 kids by now.

MJ said...

To paraphrase what Mare said, I also like to see Ciaran adjust his package.

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Halifax in two weeks and damn, I wish it was as easy as moving away from Coronation Street. no one leaves with more than one bag, you don't need to give notice at work, you don't need to tie up any loose business ends....hail a cab and off you go.

At least that's how they all usually leave, I missed last night's episode but i'm sure things weren't any different for Ciaran. Where'd he live anyhow?

missusmac said...

Ciaran was mor organized than most departees, having a proper back pack and not the popular "bag de garbage" luggage set most Corrie street folks own.

Jennifer, Ciaran lived in a flat next to Charlie's workyard. It's the same flat Peter and Shelley had.

When did Bev move into the old Todd/Sarah love nest? I must have missed that.

GoBetty said...

I love when people leave Coronation Steet (the show), their last shot is of them departing Corornation Street (the street). Love that.