Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Update April 11.

At the request of Jacqueline, who is currently in the process of putting her name forward for the Liberal Party leadership, I have agreed to do today's update.

By the way, anyone notice the second Fathers-4-Justice reference last night? Some time ago, Steve mentioned men climbing buildings dressed as Batman, just to be with their children. Last night, Tracey made a mention as well. While I know they're well known in the U.K. I wonder if the writers have some kind of bias toward them. Or maybe they're just being topical.

Who's Your Daddy? No, Seriously, Who the Hell is Your Father?

Steve asks Tracy to reconsider going to court over Amy, saying he doesn't want his past being dug up in front of a judge. And, he adds, if they get into Tracey's, he never see Amy until Christmas 2010. Five years on Corrie? That's, like, 30 years, you and me. Tracy sneers back 'If you're looking for sympathy you'd better get yourself a dictionary. You'll find it somewhere between No and Way!'

Roy and Hayley go out to dinner at the local pizza joint. Roy is wearing a dashing ascot. He tells Hayley the reason he asked her out was to discuss helping Steve get declared as Amy's true father. Hayley is angry, saying if they give up all claim to her, she'll never see Venice and see what's good in the world as Tracey will never show her those things.

Tracey later speaks with her solicitor who tells her without a blood test, she'll have a hard time getting Steve's access to his daughter blocked.
Tracey has a talk with Deirdre about Steve's access to Amy. Deirdre tells Amy he's likely a far better parent than most people in Weatherfield and maybe she should drop her plans to keep him away from his daughter. Tracey sees Steve in his cab (he sets the meter just prior to their conversation. heh.) and tells him he can see Amy whenever he likes. In fact, why doesn't he come by tomorrow and spend the day with her?

Is Tracey going soft or is it just another dastardly Traceyesque ruse?

Bella Sinead! Sean's Fallen Down the Well!

Kirk takes over his kennelling empire with the help of Fiz who realises that her free ride comes with the price of living in a kind of dump and occasionally sitting in a bowl of dog food. I think she has more of Cilla in her than she admits.

Sean has come to take Buster, I mean Bella Sinead, for walkies with Dr. Tim. Kirk warns him to never, under any circumstances, to take him of the leash. Ever. He means it. While walking with Dr. Tim, the vet tells Sean to just let Buster, I mean Bella Sinead, run free. Sean complies and Buster runs out of sight.

Sean runs back to Kirk to tell him what happens but he already knows. Buster ran home and his owners are furious and won't be paying any kennel fees. Kirk's first management crisis. Guess who's pocket that's coming out of?

One Million Pound Property Challenge

Dev is with Steve discussing the difficulties of trying to find a house he intends to call "Devita:" Dev & Sunita. Get it? Unfortunately, without the sale of his share of Streetcars, buying their dream home is impossible (or they could, you know, just get something they can afford. Just a thought). Steve reminds Dev that he doesn't have the money. Lloyd, however, drops a hint that his ex-wife won the lotto some years back and gave him a big share when they split (huh? why?), which he has been letting sit in his bank all this time. That's some discipline but, hey, maybe he's a man of simple needs. All Dave Lister ever wanted was a curry and a lager, some ska music, and a date with Kristine Kochanski. He tells Dev they should have a talk.

And so it begins...

Danny is trying to pass off his hotel getaways with Leanne in the expense ledger as some kind of mix up from the hotel. Adam is having trouble with it as it may look weird to the accountants. Danny tells him to shut up and put it through the system. Danny, there's a reason so many financial institutions keep their offices in Scotland. They don't miss much.

Mike and Alma, I mean Penny, have returned to the office from holiday. Mike is surprised to see Sally working there. She says she's putting in some overtime at the office on a Saturday. He wasn't even aware she was hired. Mike may be thinking back to ten years ago when she was nice and worked there.

At home later on, Danny complains to Frankie about Mike coming straight from the airport to the business.

'Why?' he asks. 'Because he can't let go, the dithering old codger! And as for 'Donald Where's Your Troosers', I can't understand a flippin' word he says half the time but I daren't say anything or he'll have me up for being racist!'

There's some saying about pots and kettles but I forget what it was. Alma?

Frankie tells him not to worry about and he and Mike will simply never see eye to eye.

'No,' replies Danny. 'Not unless he starts wearing platforms.'

Afterward, Mike gives Adam his gift from on holiday. Adam finds a woman's beach wrap or something. Mike says he must have switched the tags. They laugh it off.

I know they planted the seeds for this storyline a few months ago but I think last night was the true beginning of this particular journey for Mike. This is going to be a tough one to watch.


mare said...

the writers certainly aren't shying away from the heartwrenchingly difficult to watch... first charlie and shelley hit the dark side, and now mike's decline. it's a testament to the writers that they can balance the dark storylines with the lighter, more jokey stuff, and not make it seem completely incongruous.

Pamer said...

watching Sean runaround shouting "BELLA-SINEAD!!" just about had me gagging on me lager.

Danny was really pouring on the cockney slang last night...

"Whoa,what's that pen and ink?"

so between him and Adam I really had to pay attention.