Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TV Turnoff Week

St. Clare: Patron Saint of Television

As we begin our first week without our nightly Corrie episodes, isn’t it funny that it’s also TV Turnoff Week?

Yes, I am “turned off” by the lack of Coronation Street on my TV!

So what are you all doing with that extra half hour to yourselves?


mare said...

watching jeopardy on channel 8.

i mean, pining for my lost corrie. ;)

John said...

Well, with the Habs up 2-0 in their series against Carolina, it's not like I'm at a loss for good TV.

But, packing, mostly.

kowy said...



Pamer said...

without Corrie I watch Hockey, but without Toronto my heart really isn't into the playoffs this year.

I thik I'll cheer for the two lowest ranked teams: Edmonton and Tampa.

Generally though I'd like to see any Canadian teams win and continue on. So this is about the only time I'll root for les Habitants.

papasmurf said...

spending quality time with Sharky

lori said...

Another hockey watcher here. No Canucks,, so I am going for (said with a heavy heart) Calgary,, keep it in the west. I dont care if they end up being the last Canadian team in the running,, I can't bring myself to root for the Habs. I am a regular Sunday watcher, usually tape it and watch it later in the day, so no hardship for me either way.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm packing as well but this evening I napped through the news, Street Cents and woke up when Corrie was supposed to be on.
As much as I usually bitch about shitty storylines taking forever to play themselves out, I miss it.
- Jennifer

Ang said...

I usually watch on Sundays, but I have missed the last 2!!! so I'm REALLY missing our show. Thank goodness for Corrie Canuck! I'm not COMPLETELY out of the loop. Will be back in the game on Sunday morning after the Sprockets Film Festival is over.

missusmac said...

So where is everybody going? There much packing being done!

I am watching some hockey, only in order to spend time with mistermac, who appears to be glued to the couch when not at work.

Anonymous said...

So where is everybody going?
I wish I could say I was moving back to New Zealand or packing for a trip to Africa but for now I'm moving to Halifax from Ch'town.

oooh, the excitement. /sarcasm

Pamer said...

is Chi-town short form for Chicoutimi??

Anonymous said...

LOL. Ch'town = Charlottetown.