Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Okay, I think you are all really itching to talk about last night's episode which was a bit of a gob smacker, so I'm going to do a quick update for you all.

I'll do this fast with out my usual yuks - just the facts ma'am, just the facts.


Tracey is busy trying to make sure the Croppers stay on her side and testify on her behalf; she threatens them with taking Amy away.

Deidre is getting a little fed up with her and gives her hell when she is rude to Liz. Although, in typical fashion of never wanting to believe she raised a monster, Diedre maintains that there's been a 'misunderstanding' about the incident.

There's a great scene at the begining where Steve contemplates running over Tracey, but Liz pulls the key out of his ignition and he says that he wasn't *really* going to do it.

Eileen gives him some home truths about standing up to Tracey while he winges about losing all access to Amy. Then the coppers show up. Luckily, they're just there to tell him the charges against him have been dropped.

He takes the news to Tracey and informs her that now the police are going to charge her with wasting police time. He says this with one hand around her throat, mind you. - Correction, he had his hands on her shoulders. (Ta, John.)

Something's Fishy
Scooter goes for his day in court and ends up with the British version of Judge Judy.

She rants and raves, then tells Gayle that her testifying on Scooter's behalf doesn't mean anything because Gayle has such poor judgement that she married Richard Hillman.

And another victory for feminism is reached.

Scooter is found guilty and has to pay 100 squid (that's for you Pamer).

I Can't Barely Watch
The factory team manages to get Nathan to take out Joanne (of the twin set) for a pizza, telling him that he asked her out but he forgot.

The whole date is more than I can bare to watch since I think we've all had that kind of god awful date. She's really not on the same level as him but he does his best to keep up polite conversation. (What was the movie they were talking about? I missed that.)

At one point she tries to woo him with her Eurovision/British Idol audition number. Ouch, just plain ouch.

It just gets worse from there and at one point one of his female acquaintances (who's all wordly and shit) comes in and makes our poor Joanne feel even smaller. After the date Joanne goes to the Rovers and cries into her pint while Sean and Co. try to cheer her up.

Glacia winced through the whole story line.

Ashley Ali
So Fred offers to buy Dev's half of the streetcars and when Claire gets wind of it, she tells off Fred (I am sooooooooooo glad these two guys decided to bring this screaming harpie into their lives.) for interferring in her life.

Later she talks to Ashley about it and says how happy she is that he doesn't keep any secrets from her......uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.......yeah, that's them, secret free.

But perhaps not.

Claire sees an ad for the boxing match and confronts Ashely and tells him to call it off. He says he will not (hurrah!!!). She says he will. A battle of the redheads ensues and she ends packing to go home to mother. (I am sooooooooooooo glad these two guys decided to bring this screaming harpie into their lives.)

I'll Have a Bit of Mild 'Bob' on Plain Toast
I missed some episode, but it would appear that 'Bob' did not stand up to some hooligan in the bar and this has lessened him in the eyes of Liz.

She complains that 'Our Jim' would have never put up with some ruffian.

(Glacia remembers the scene of imprisoned Jim, begging for his wife not to leave him because of his temper and shakes her head.)

Anyway, 'Bob' asks her why she's being standoffish and she says that she's not sure how she feels because she's used to a more 'assertive' man.

Now, I didn't see the oringal incident so I can't comment on 'Bob's' machoness, but if he stays with her after she says that, then I do have question his backbone. Plus, Bev is ready, willing and able to step up to plate if Liz lets 'Bob' go.


I'll make this short.

Danny's mom comes to town after the funeral of Danny's dad. She's a royal pain in the butt, but what are you going to do?

She's getting a bit cozy with Mike and Frankie warns Penny that mom hadn't been the most faithful of wives and she might want to keep an eye on her and Mike.

Mom and Mike end up taking a long stroll along the river banks and she asks him to take care of Danny. Mike does a whole spiel about how he will but that a nephew isn't the same as a son.

Wait for it.

At which point mom says, 'But Mike, Danny IS your son.'

Now, I had read ahead and saw this coming up, but like John I thought Mike knew about it already and was having a senior's moment. But it turns out that even he didn't know the truth.


Pamer said...

A crazy evening to be sure!

The movei that Nath and Joanne were talking about was called "Guess Who". I thought they were talking about music...i don't remember that movie, guessing it's just a Corrie Universe movie.

Scooters flashy jacket cracked me, so consistently, up! I just know he picked it out of the tip.

I should have seen the clues they were doling out about Mike and Viv...but just when you think they are going one way with a character they spin you right round baby, right round...um...like a record.

I thought Blanche and Steve had a nice tender moment.

Jacqueline said...

Oh 'Guess Who'! The god awful remake of 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.' I didn't hear that. All I heard was Nathan say something about a comment on race relations.

Do share the Blanche/Steve moment...I was busy cooking dinner.

Pamer said...

My Steve/Blanche commment was a feeble attempt at sarcasm.

Typical Blanche shouting the odds at Steve as he was leaving the Kabin and Steve pretty much rolling his eyes. I can't remember any specific quotes but I'm sure MJ or Betty can accommodate

Pamer said...

Oh THAT "Guess Who"!!!! With Bernie Mack and Ashton Kutcher...ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

*smacks self on the forehead*

Bernie Mack always makes me laugh...Ashton Kutcher ALWAYS makes me wonder who is smoking crack in Hollywood

John said...

It's funny that Nathan and Joanne were thrown together by their friends, possibly because they assume they were both black, they would automatically get on. Nathan's comment that 'Guess Who' was an interesting twist on racism was funny in that context. But it's obvious that there's nothing there between them.

I also find it funny that when Kelly is discussing boys she likes, she sticks her chest and pulls her sweater down tightly, to show off her boobs.

Also, Steve didn't have his hand around Tracey's throat, he grabbed her shoulders did that Charlie thing where he's intimidating without actually physically hurting anyone.

The Bob episode in question had a loud drunk bothering Bev, so Bob was told by Liz to go kick him out. He tried but wasn't assertive enough. Steve stepped in and got all Jim MacDonald with the drunk.

The Weatherfield Arms is exactly what Fred doesn't want the Rover's to be.

The Danny thing was a bombshell but I get spoiled by reading other sites so I knew it was coming. But I really thought Mike already knew, which was why he had been keeping Danny so involved in the business, but at an arm's length.

Just wait until Christmas...

Pamer said...

yeah... at Christmas we"ll find out that Mike slept with Jamie's drunk mum and that he is Jamie's dad too

Mike Heaney said...

Mike? He's dead isn't he?

mare said...

oy. it was a doozy of an evening. poor mike, now he'll have to face that barracuda danny even worse.

i felt so bad for nathan and joanne, what an uncomfortable date.