Thursday, April 20, 2006

Panic on the Streets of Weatherfield - Update

So the fight of the century took place between Ashley and Maddog Maddox.

Shortly before the fight Fred finds some dumbbells for him to work out on. (Because nothing is better before a big fight than exhausting your muscles.) He carelessly puts them on a bench where they roll off right onto our Ashley's foot.

Ashley is convinced that he isn't able to fight even though Nathan tells him that the foot isn't broken. Finally Nathan starts insulting him so that Ashley jumps up and starts swinging, thus proving that Ashley can indeed fight.

So the fight begins and before we can tell who's really winning,

1) Claire and Maddock's girlfriend end up in a fight
2) Some menacing bloke starts a fight with Martin and Co.
3) Sally starts a fight with some delightful young women who are just down from Ascot.
4) Les starts a fight with Cilla and the guy she's been flirting with.

Yes, a full out brawl ensues and within in minutes the police arrive in full riot gear. Exactly, WHAT goes on in Weatherfield that the police are fully armed and ready to respond to a riot with 3 minutes? Cause I want see that storyline.

The Good News is He's Gay
Sean decides to meet our favorite vet with a bucket (boo-kay!) of flowers after work. Unfortunately, we see Tim climb into a car and give a big old smoochy to some other bloke.

Sean is distraught.

But on an upnote, Fred's looking for new bar staff and both Sean and Kelly are interested.

Just HOW Gullible is Deidre?
Liz convinces Steve to go over and talk to Tracey to try and be adult about the whole thing.

I guess 'adult' would be the wrong word here, because the minute Steve starts chatting with Tracey she starts screaming her head off calling for Deidre to come out of the house.

She claims that Steve threatened her and threatened to kidnap Amy.

Deidre believes this.

I think this is really, really stretching it.

Anyway, they go to the judge and get a court order that Steve has to stay away from both Tracey and Amy for 14 days.

There was a lot of moping and complaining on Viv's part and as a special added treat for Frankie - she hinted at moving in.


John said...

I don't know if Deirdre really believed her. She's just towing the "she's my daughter and I have to support her" party line.

As for the riot, you see, there was a police officer on hand to make sure the fight took place legally. As soon as the riot broke out, he radioed the cop shop, which just happened to be right next door, and also which just happened to be the cop shop where they keep all the riot gear as recent WTO protests have taught them to always be prepared, not too mention the brawls resulting from too much binge-drinking. Therefore, they were there, in full force, and ready for a riot.

It was a pretty funny scene, all in all and I'm glad something came of it. But Mad Dog and Ashley calling it a draw? Mad Dog was clearly kicking Ashley's arse before the riot broke out.

Nice Smiths reference, by the way.

Jacqueline said...

How does Liz remain Deidre's friend?

John said...

Who knows? Maybe because her own soon-to-be-ex-husband is in jail for killing a guy, Tracey's antics are just an annoyance, relatively speaking.

mare said...

yeah, i really got that deirdre didn't believe tracey at all.

i think liz and deirdre are both women of a certain age, who recognize that female friendships often outlast the male relationships in their life. how many times has deirdre been married, anyway?

plus, never underestimate the power of granny bonding.