Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh, I get it....

Big revelation on Classic Corrie.

Sally's upbringing included domestic violence.

She tells Trish that her dad used to beat her mother black and blue and that her mother had to have two jobs to support the family.

Thus explains Sally's need to better her family's position.

And in other news, Audrey's son Steve is dating Deidre. WHAT the hell is her appeal?


Pamer said...

I guess the old saying is dead wrong...Men DO make passes at women who wear glasses. And the amount of sex appeal is directly proportionate to the size of those glasses

missusmac said...

I don't get this channel, but am dying to know: what is Audrey's son like?

I've heard references to him over the years, but nothing concrete.

Of course, since he's dating Deirdre, one can assume he has excellent taste in goggles. Er, I mean, girls.

Jacqueline said...

Tall, fair haired, Canadian.

Decent looking.

Successful businessman, seems a bit more sophisticated than Mike.

A few years older than Gayle