Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Myself, I Don't Know What to Do With Myself, Me.

MJ asks what we're doing with the extra time.

I'm writing my own Corrie scripts.

So far..

Fred is torn between his career and his new vegan girlfriend.

Ashley reveals that he too is transgendered and is former barmaid Raquel.

In smashing move of generational one upmanship - Mike starts an affair with Leanne.

Any other ideas out there?


Pamer said...

Kirk gets bonked on the head and starts nightly dog fighting at the Kennels

Yet another foe comes to Fred's neighbourhood...a man named Finnigan Tromp. He makes his own beer and spirits and starts handing out free samples to the factory girls

Martin finds Jo to his liking and begins a torid affair

John said...

Jo's too old for Martin.

Leanne is impregnated by Mike and they spend one month figuring out the baby's relation to Danny, Adam, and Ken Barlow.