Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goths vs. Chavs is the new Mods vs. Rockers

Some Carlisle teenagers are recovering after being pelted by stones:

A GROUP of teenage girls were pelted with stones by a gang of male youths in Workington because of the way they dressed.

Police described the attack as a “hate crime”, saying the girls were targeted because they were “goths” – music fans who usually dress in black and wear dark make-up.

The attack, which left one girl in need of hospital treatment, happened yesterday afternoon outside the Moorclose Spar shop on Westfield Drive.

The gang of around five to seven young men swore at the girls and called them “dirty goths”.

They threw stones at the group and followed them as they headed away from the shops towards West View Walk.

One of the girls went to A&E after being struck by a stone in the attack, which took place between 2.45pm and 3.30pm.

When her father reported the attack to police he said that his daughter and her friends are goths and believed this was the reason for the assault.

A police spokesman confirmed that the attack is being investigated as a hate crime.


Pamer said...

so..what does "Chavs" refer to?

John said...

Chavs supposedly stands for 'Council House And Violent.' They're basically uneducated, employed and with no aspirations to be either. They wear oversized clothes, hang out in front of corner stores and hassle passers-by. Vicki Pollard, the character from 'Little Britain,' is a good example.

For more info, there's always:

Pamer said...

i kinda figured that they were opposite to goths but I would never have known that...i love that Vicki character even though I never know what she is saying