Thursday, April 27, 2006

For the Peeps from Chi'town, St. Joe's and Hali

I'm in love with Randy.

While we're waiting for Corrie to resume its daily broadcasts, I thought I'd share this event that Ang found. (I think there's a few down easterners here.)

From Ang:

I found this in my email this morning. I'm involved with the Sprockets
International Film Festival for Children this weekend, but I am hoping
to find a couple of hours to check out this show. I have 3 words for
you "Bologna Eating Competition"! You can't get more east coast then

Hmmm, when is the OutWest show gonna happen?

Surrey drive by shooting gallery
Real estate chase
Hemp Stew
Laser Grunge Frisbee


mare said...

but is it fried baloney. only counts if it's fried baloney.

Jacqueline said...

oh sweet jesus.

mare said...

in butter, of course, with white bread and butter on the side. and if you're french acadian, a big class of pepsi.

i'm totally reminiscing about my grandparents now.

kowy said...

I wanna go!

Mmmm.......fried baloney....

Being that I'm with an east-Coaster, I have to learn his fine cultural heritage.
He learned mine (by drinking obscene amounts of whiskey in a strangers house all night), it's only appropriate.

missusmac said...

As transplanted NBers in N.S., we like it fried with a side of Kraft dinner. If it's a really fancy meal, there's a spoonful of canned peas on the side too.

Pepsi would mean it's Saturday supper. Milk to drink would mean it's Friday supper.

mare said...

ha! with kd, so true. :)

John said...

I like it when the Irving Big Stops offer, with your breakfast, the choice of ham, bacon, sausage, or baloney. Or all four.

missusmac said...

Oh, that is soooo Maritimes -- Irving Big Stops, breakfast all day!

That's where the cast goes for food every night after their performance of our local high school's annual musical.

You know you live in rural N.S. when the teens congregate at a truck stop diner!

BTW, I would consider leaving mistermac for Julian on Trailer Park Boys . . .

Jacqueline said...

Yeah, Julian is hot.

Lisa said...

Shame on you for wanting to do a drive by shooting to Tom & Katie's new baby... oh you said Surrey not Suri... never mind

Lisa with those ol' Delta blues

Ang said...

lol yes it must be fried! maybe with some baked beans on the side eh?

Totally missed the show of course. Next year there's a bunch of us planning to go (we say that every year).

Love the TPB! They have a movie coming out this summer :)