Thursday, April 20, 2006

CBC Coronation Street Scheduling Update

Weekly episodes of Coronation Street will be preempted for Hockey Playoffs starting Friday, April 21st.

Don’t miss ALL NEW episodes Sunday mornings at 7:30, April 30th through June 18th.

(The above information was obtained from scroll on last night’s Corrie)


Anonymous said...

I did not get that message on the channel I watch (CBC Halifax at 6:30)). So, if you have a satellite dish, you may still be able to watch Corrie during the week.

MJ said...

I've just called CBC Audience Relations and they said Coronation Street is preempted right across Canada.But here's their toll-free number if you want to confirm:
1-866-306-INFO (4636)

Anonymous said...

another reason to hate hockey.
- jennifer

mare said...

i got it on cbc new brunswick, i think we're on the same feed for atlantic canada.

but not a scrolling ticker, they announced it at the end of the show.

hey, remember when hockey didn't take the entire public school year?

Heather said...

Personally I found the announcement confusing. It says it's cancelled weekdays (doesn't that mean Mon - Fri?) but will resume with all new episodes on Sundays??? So is it cancelled on Sundays or not?

John said...

I took it to mean that the new episodes which normally run MON-FRI and have been bumped by hockey, will run in their normal omnibus edition on Sundays. So yeah, starting tomorrow and for every Sunday until mid-June, 5 new Corrie episodes so that we won't fall further behind.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone will still be updating b/c i'll be damned if i'm getting up at 7:30AM! on a Sunday to watch Corrie. or do ANYTHING for that matter. stupid cbc, i've got no love for you.
- Jennifer, angry islander

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me why they do not show Corrie at it's regular time 7:00 atlantic.They replace it with Just for laughs and leave the regularly scheduled program at 7:30 as usual. The playoff games do not even come on until 8:00pm. Why is Corrie the only show that is ever pre-empted.