Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Are You My Daddy Update

My Three Sons
Mike is pissed that he never had an opportunity to raise Danny or be part of his life. But he is reminded that he wasn't a part of the other 2 sons lives. Penny tells him that he probably would have been a crap dad anyway.

He wants to tell Danny but both Viv and Penny tell him not to.

I'm sure he's going to anyway.

Not Without My Daughter
Steve and Tracey have their day in court about whether or not Steve is Amy's dad.

Tracey decides to take Amy with her and have the grans babysit outside, so that the judge sees how close her and Amy are. This backfires as the judge questions why she would bring a young child to such and an unfriendly environment as a courthouse.

The judge also sees the fact that Steve has been paying child support even through the hostile times as good proof that he's dad. He also sees Tracey's refusal to get a DNA test for Amy as an attempt to cover up the truth. (Her lame ass excuse is that she didn't want to put an innocent child through needles and such.)

So judgey has claimed Steve the daddy and they have to come back for dna test later.

Raging Bull
The fight is still on despite Claire's complaints.

Mr. Glacia's favorite line from the evening is when Fred says, 'He's a fit as a butcher's dog.'

Down and Out in Weatherfield and Paris
Fred's told Bev that he's had enough of Shel's nonsense and that come friday she's out of a job and an apartment.


John said...

I thought the best part was when on-the-run gay mobster Vitto went antiquing in New Hampshire. Wait, wrong show.

Best line last night: "Mad Dog will have to deal with this Mad Bitch first!" which Claire probably said unironically.

Pamer said...

A rousing cheer rose up throughout the Pamer Compound when Fred claimed that he'd had enough of Shellah

Pamer said...

Yeah Gay Vitto was a pretty good episode

Jacqueline said...

I liked when Gay Vitto realized his love for Sean and had the Vet taken out in order to remove the competition.

Then he went out for an espresso.

mare said...

i believe that was a soy latte.

Gayle said...

I so agree with Pamer when Fred said he was sick and tired and come the end of the week Shelley will be out a job and a flat. About bloody time!

mama kay said...

OMG .. this is getting pretty intense. Someone should just off Tracey and clal it good. SHe is such a b*tch!