Friday, March 17, 2006

What's Your Poison - A Corrie Canuck Poll

Okay - this discussion is too beautiful to remain in the comments section.

In honour of St. Patricks day, fess up...what's your favorite kind of beer?

I've already put my two cents in...

Forgive me Percy Sugden - whereever you are!!


John said...

I've been off alcohol since I quit smoking last week as a pint in my hand makes me want a cigarette. I'll have to re-train my drinking habits to drink without wanting to smoke.

But here's a quick list of the ones I like:

St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (I prefer it to Guinness)

St-Ambroise Pale Ale (The stout's lighter cousin)

(Okay, I like anything brewed by the lovely company whose brewery is in m y soon-to-be neighbourhood.)

Also, when in New Brunswick, it's


When in Scotland, it's Younger's Pale Ale.

MJ said...

John: Why not put a pint in BOTH hands? That'll re-train you.
Jacqueline: Stout, ta.

Pamer said...

Wow...the only brands of beer I refuse to drink are Molson Canada/Lite, Bud Lite, Coors Light, Labatt Blue/Light...other than that it's Game On

I also like most spirits but especially Scotch (single Malt please), Tequila (Anejo if you got it) and aged Rum. I also like Grey Goose Vodka martinis.

I'll try anything once...then again and again and agian

kowy said...

I love lager. Especially Tennents lager in Scotland.
Back here in Canada, I like Keiths and Moosehead.

But....lager doesn't like me. It turns me in to a whiney, bitchy, pukey mess.

So...Ceasars it is. Home-made, with lots of 'brown' in it.

Oh. And the alco-pop they sell at the Provigo...with the butterflies on the bottle.

P.S. Alpine is my worst ememy!

mare said...

ALPINE?!?!?! *shakes head* Oh, John. It seems you can take the lad out of SJ, but...

Anyway, I recently discovered my allergy to alcohol is getting worse, and I have had to eschew vodka and darker ales. I don't know if I will be able to drink my beloved Leffe, but as long as I can still raise a glass of fine Burgundy wine, I'm good. :)

GoBetty said...

Oh beer... you may shit on Blue Light and the like but there's something to be said for an icy cold glass of Coors Light after an hour of power skating or hockey. I never buy the stuff EXCEPT when I'm post-play at an arena... soooooo goooooood...

John said...

Mare, Alpine tastes like home.

Giggs said...

I like to drink moscow mules, this drink is vodka, ginger beer, dash of lemon, with mint leaves and ice.
Really nice. I was born is otago and speights Ale (beer) is the drink famous down there really nice beer as they say in the adds pride of the south.

Tanya said...

yah, i'll drink anything. but if i had to choose...

i like anything belgian. hoegaarden with lemon is my fave, especially in the summer. stella or jupiler (don't think you can get that one here...) is my good standard choice. i like one called bush if i'm in the mood for something strong...its like 12%. or any of the chimays.

mixed...i like a good spicy caesar or the tried and true rye and coke. mm mm good...

and i HIGHLY recommend oprah's martini if you want something girly and pretty.

MJ said...

You asked for our fave beer but since the comments are including other drinks, I'd like to add "vodka martini!"

Jackie said...

miller, definatly.
Although last night I had my first ever Green Beer (keiths) and I must say I don't completely hate keiths on tap, but I can't stand it out of the bottle.

generally I'm a ceaser girl

Jacqueline said...

If we're talking straight up what's your favorite drink - there's a reason why Patsy my icon.

I typically have my vodka I.V. hooked up by 7:30 am.

If we're talking vodka, Pamer...Grey Goose. Yes, Grey Goose is vodka (a different vodka) and definately the way to win Glacia's heart. Probably my favorite.

But if you're taling VODKA as in a night in Moscow sucking back some caviar,'s Stolichnaya.

Polar Ice is another favorite.

Finladia if I'm desperate.

Smirnoffs - I've never been that desperate.

And Absolut? Absolut never.

And flavoured vodkas are just a blasphemy.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, vodka.

Serenity Now! said...

My favourite kind of beer is St. Augustine's Brau from the St. Augustine Monastary in Salzburg, Austria.