Thursday, March 16, 2006


Home Alone - Ken's Revenge

Turns out the only Turkish Delight Ken's getting his hands on is the kind offered by Snow Queens.

Ken is doing EXACTLY the same thing Glacia would be doing if the house was free of man, sister, cat and dog. Getting sweets that I could eat at MY pace and curling up with a good book and some radio.

I actually let out a moan when he mentioned Thomas Hardy.

The only fly in the ointment is Doris who is convinced that he and Ken are intellectual soul mates and wants to come over to share his 'novel' with Ken.

Speaking of 'the novel' Rita and Emily are trying to get a sneak peak at Norris's scribblings and are in fear of how 'autobiographical' it may get.

Luke, I am Your Eggplant, Come To the Darkside
As Betty reported, there's another butcher in town (Fred's Evil Twin - 'Ted') and Fred comes face to face with him as he sees Keith leaving the shop with 'another man's meats'.

A kaffuffle happens when Fred see a sign in the other butchers window 'Elliot's Mess - The Untouchables'. Much ranting and raving ensues and Evil Twin says that Fred's meat is so bad that it has made some people go to the dark side - 'vegetarianism'.

Fred is screaming law suit, I say, law suit.

Someone Mounted My Pussy!
Sean discovers some money he owed Angela in his jean pockets. Racked with guilt, he heads over to give it to Keith.

LUCKILY, he saw that Keith had a stuffed cat that he was about to just toss in the trash. (Keith's friend asked him to stuff his pet cat, but died before Keith finished the job. Is this Keith's profession or merely a hobby.)

Much 'Are You Being Served' dialogue ensues about mounting and stuffing....and for whatever g.d. reason, Sean BUYS the corpse from Keith.

Happy Birthday Jamie
It's Jamie's birthday and Frankie has planned a big party for him, complete with balloons.

Good thing Jamie's bio-mom decided to drop in at the last minute to wish him a happy birthday.

(Mr.Glacia's comment about the Baldwins 'Who are all these long haired people?')


papasmurf said...

I think Sean bought the mounted pussy, not because he was interested in it, but because Keith had perceived the returning of the 30 quid from Angela that Sean found in his jeans as some sort of charity handout, which Keith's pride wouldn't let him accept. However if the 30 quid were for some taxidermy work then he could accept the money.

That's my perception at least.

Jacqueline said...


You are wise, Papasmurf.

I'm usually drunk when I watch, so I miss these things.

John said...

Bir Damla Mutuluk totally looks like he landed the lead role in the new CBC TV-Movie "The Bruno Gerussi Story."

Jacqueline said...

Glacia sprays Turkish coffee all over her keyboard upon reading John's comment.

"Bruno Gerussi - The Man Behind Nick" as retold by Relic

Jacqueline said...

BTW - for the curious, that gentleman is Turkish Superhunk Orhan Gencebay.

(Turkey's answer to Bobby Vinton.)

John said...

Whoops. Confused the album title with the guy's name.

Jackie said...

There was something that happend on the show last night that made me laugh out loud, I just thought it was halarious. Of course, after I finished watching, I came right over to this site to write about it, and wouldn't you know it, I'd already forgot what was so funny! Man, I need to start taking notes! lol